Properties in Westgate, Westbrook and Margate without power due to faulty network equipment

Power cut

Around 78 properties in Westgate and Westbrook up to Margate railway station are currently without power due to an equipment fault which initially affected 589 properties.

The outage was reported to UK Power Networks at 2.50pm with engineers getting on site at 3.20pm. They diverted electricity around the fault in the network restoring power to most properties but 78 are still affected.

It is estimated power will be restored between 6.30pm-7.30pm.

Details from the power company say: “Due to a faulty piece of high voltage network equipment we’ve had to turn off (the) power.

“We’ve remotely diverted electricity around the faulty part of the network, restoring power to 589 properties. This leaves 78 properties affected by the underground network fault,”

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  1. Another example of the UK becoming a third world country! All the privatised industries have failed, or are being looted by shareholders instead of profits being re-invested. China owns 3 water companies, and a large part of nuclear power stations being built, along with the French, duurh!

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