Primary children and mayor unite for Ramsgate Spring Clean

Chilton and RAPS pupils joined the mayor for the Spring Clean

Children from Chilton Primary’s Tidy School Team and Ramsgate Arts Primary’s Eco Warriors partnered with town mayor Raushan Ara for her annual spring clean.

Pupils from Year 4 in both schools were armed with bags and litter pickers to help the Ramsgate civic leader with her quest to keep the town looking neat and tidy.

Cllr Ara met her young team at the top of the High Street and discussed the importance of community spirit. She gave the children the equipment they needed and they made their way down the high street picking up any litter they found.

Both schools are very keen on playing their part on maintaining the environment, both on their own sites and in the wider community wherever possible.

Chilton’s Year 4 teacher Michaela Gale said: “The children were so excited to be making such a positive contribution to the community. A number of members of the public commented on how well behaved they were and thanked them for their help in cleaning up the town.

“The project contributed to our wider work in school surrounding the environment. The children that went along make up part of our Tidy School Team. They litter-pick around the school each lunch time.”

RAPS teacher Kate Maclean who works with the Eco Warriors added: “Our pupils were incredible. They worked very hard and tirelessly to hunt down litter and bag it up – they were even gifted with some biscuits from Corby’s Tea Room for doing such a good job.”

And the end result was that working together with the town mayor, the children from both schools played a big part for their community by teaming up to clean up.

*The Great Ramsgate Spring Clean is organised by the Ramsgate Litter Forum and every year it holds a series of short local litter-picks across the town, aimed at tackling the areas that attract lots of litter.

The forum brings together individuals, and groups of people, working with local businesses and Ramsgate Town Council and Thanet District Council to push for cleaner streets and more responsible disposal of waste.



  1. Put bins back in the areas of high rubbish, get the road sweepers to actually do a better job other than wandering around or sitting in cafes!

    Oh and educate people on how to bin their rubbish.

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