Man charged with assaulting police officer in Westgate

Image Kent Police

A man has been bailed to appear in court charged with assaulting a police officer in Westgate.

During the evening of Saturday 25 March, officers were called to a disturbance at the Westgate-on-Sea Social Club, St Mildreds Road. Officers escorted several people from the premises.

During the incident an officer was assaulted. He was not injured and did not require hospital treatment.

Robert Hayre, 25, from Ramsgate Road, Margate was arrested and later charged with assault of an emergency worker. He has been bailed to appear at Margate Magistrates’ Court on 22 May.

A 45-year-old woman was given a conditional caution.


  1. These assaulted policemen always get lucky with no injuries and no hospital needed. Yet the people always get charged.

    When mere members of the public get actually assaulted and not just touched by someone no charges are brought.

    The police need to protect the rest of us to the same standards they protect themselves.

    • “…no charges are brought.”
      Just type “assault charge” in the IoTN’s search box to see how wrong you are.

    • Twat of the week comment winner right here!!!

      No better than the idiots who find it funny on the post!

      Yet another little wannabe trying to be something to his mates!
      Just like the little waste of spunk causing trouble in Ramsgate lately!

      Time for these cretins to grow up and have respect for others and maybe find themselves some other friends and better themselves!

  2. Respect the Police and all other emergency workers or pay the price, It’s that simple.
    I would imagine drink was the mitigating factor here after a disturbance in a Social Club.

  3. Is the recognised of the police as a ‘force’being changed via the term ’emergency worker’

    Some change we are not aware of?

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