Delving into the importance of Fairtrade at Northdown Primary School

Learning about Fairtrade at Northdown primary

Year 6 children at Northdown Primary School, Margate, have rounded off their term’s learning on Fairtrade and the economy by making their own chocolate in class.

The children were challenged to make chocolate from scratch using old-fashioned recipes and then compare the outcome to a modern recipe they followed.

After making both types, the excited children were able to taste their creations – the bitter taste of the traditional chocolate came as quite a surprise to them.

Harry Fetherston, Year 6 teacher and Key Stage 2 lead, explained the significance of the activity: “After our topic on American History last term learning about the atrocities of the Atlantic slave trade, the children were shocked to learn that modern day slavery still exists so this term we have been learning about trade and economics, specifically the importance of fair trade to ensure producers are getting a fair deal.”

Designing and making their own chocolate from scratch showed the Northdown pupils what goes into making the popular snack and also gave them the opportunity to put their maths skills into action with the complicated recipes.

Lacey (Year 6) was very enthusiastic about the afternoon’s activities: “We’ve been learning about Fairtrade and making chocolate. We made chocolate from scratch like they made in the olden days – it was very dark compared to chocolate today and not many people liked it.”

Year 6 have been investigating Fairtrade and how it impacts on local economies over the course of this term after their discovery that modern slavery is still a global problem.

Christina Goldsmith, Inclusion Manager and PSHE Lead, said: “It is so important for children to learn about how the economy works around the world to help them make informed decisions as future consumers. Looking into the origins of chocolate and Fairtrade has helped them see the impact that something they take for granted can have on people around the world.”