Chilton children become explorers

Exploring the world around them

There’s a big wide world out there waiting to be explored – and children at Chilton Primary have been on their own journey of discovery to find out more.

The Year 1 group have become explorers in their own way, seeking out information and adventures of the pioneers whose quest for knowledge and experience drove them on.

Inspirational characters including James Cook, Marco Polo and Charles Darwin have fascinated pupils who have studied maps and learnt about the continents explorers have visited.

They even had a surprise visit from ‘James Cook’ who chatted about his exploits and discoveries.

The children’s broad topic Explorers also involved them creating impressive work in the style of Aboriginal art.

They learnt about animals from around the UK and abroad and looked at classifying them into mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish. In Geography, they learned about the physical and human features on maps.

At the end of their topic, they became real life explorers and went out to explore their local environment to see what they could discover.  Armed with binoculars they inspected the area around their school and made a trip to the historic replica Viking longboat at Pegwell Bay.

Head of School and Director of Education Kate Law said: “Our little children in Year 1 were really immersed in this topic, which covered many aspects of the curriculum.

“It is important for us to help develop an inquiring mind in our pupils at an early age, and they had a really positive learning journey as they travelled through this fascinating topic.”