Mix Matched performance nights aimed at neurodivergent community have expanded to Margate

Mix Matched hosts Alice, Emma and Holly

Performance, music, comedy and spoken word events focused on the neurodivergent community have been launched in Margate.

The Mix Matched group has already held one event at Sundowners and is getting set for the next event this Saturday (March 25).

The  Mix Matched  variety nights began in Canterbury last year and is now expanding to include Margate.

Performances are aimed at the Neurodivergent+ community – which means those who are Dyslexic, Dyspraxic, ADHD, Autistic, OCD, BPD, Depressive/Anxiety Disorder and other – but everyone is welcome to either take a five minute performance slot or join the audience.

The events have a quiet room if people need to leave the performance area for a time.

The nights are run by trio Alice Riley, Holly McCulloch and Emma Robdale.

Alice, from Birchington, and Emma, from Canterbury, are Neurodiverse+ while Holly, also from Canterbury, is an arts therapy teacher.

Emma said: “The spoken word, music and variety events are to try and build up the community and encourage an inclusive process. We accept everyone of all neuro types but it is neurodiverse led. It is a safe, friendly and supportive event for people to come and watch or perform.

Emma and Alice at Sundowners

“We already have a community forming with some regulars and the aim is for people to make long-standing friendships and for people to have a safe space to exist naturally

“A lot of people perform on a neurodiverse+ topic but we do not tell people what to perform.

“This will be our second event in Margate, the first one was in November, and we are already fully-booked for performers with 16 and three on reserve.

“The aim is to have three segments with around five performers in each with a five minute slot and anyone can apply to take part in the nights.”

The trio are hoping to grow the audience at events as word spreads. They will also be taking part in events such as the Birchington Literary Festival in June.

The Mix Matched event at Sundowners on Saturday starts at 6pm. A donation is requested for tickets which can be booked here 

To find out more email: [email protected]

Or find the group on facebook and instagram www.facebook.com/MixMatchedUK

What is neurodiversity?

Each person has a brain that is unique to them; no two brains are quite the same.

Neurodiversity is the concept that brain differences are natural variations. Some people’s brains simply work in a different way.

For at least 20% of the adult population in the UK, these differences mean they may be diagnosed with neurological conditions including autism, dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Source: https://www.thebraincharity.org.uk/

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