SGN update says Ramsgate Road gas works to go on into May

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Difficulties with gas mains replacement works on Ramsgate Road will mean a further three week closure on a stretch of the road from mid April.

SGN has been working in Ramsgate Road between the entrance of the QEQM Hospital and its junction with Salmestone Road since January 16 to to upgrade the network as part of a 30-year programme replacing old metal pipes with new plastic pipe.

The work had been estimated to finish by March 10 by SGN says engineering difficulties resulted in slower than expected progress and a mid-April end date was estimated.

Now the gas firm says a further lot of work will mean a three week closure both ways on Ramsgate Road between Salmestone Road and St Augustine’s Avenue from April 15, meaning works will go on into May.

An SGN update says: “Our engineers began work last year and returned in mid-January to complete the remaining two phases of this essential project to replace our old metal mains with new plastic pipe.

“We’ve been working in Ramsgate Road between the entrance of the QEQM Hospital and its junction with Salmestone Road. This work was estimated to take approximately eight weeks to complete, however engineering difficulties have resulted in us making slower than expected progress.

“Ramsgate Road has been closed to northbound motorists around our site, but we’ve struggled to navigate the available space as well as diverting around other utility’s pipes and cables.

“To access more of our pipe, we will need to excavate further out into Ramsgate Road.

“Following consultation with Kent County Council on Monday 20 March, we’ve agreed to carry out this work under a road closure of Ramsgate Road in both directions, between Salmestone Road and St Augustine’s Avenue, from Saturday 15 April for approximately three weeks. A signed diversion route will be in place.

“Until mid-April, the existing northbound closure of Ramsgate Road will remain in operation to enable our engineers to continue to monitor and maintain the affected poor condition pipes which need replacing. We’re continuing to work extended hours to ensure this project is completed as soon as possible.

“We had been due to start the final phase of our project close to the Star Lane Roundabout in mid-March. Following the delays, we will liaise with the local authority to replan this phase of work at a later date.

“We understand roadworks can be frustrating for residents and motorists. We’d like to thank the Margate community for your continued patience while we work to ensure everyone stays safe and warm.”

Current closures and diversions

A254 Ramsgate Road closed northbound only from the junction with QEQM Hospital access road to the junction of B2052 College Road, to the extent indication by signs and barriers on site.

The alternative route is via A254 Ramsgate Road, A254 Margate Road, A256 Westwood Road, A255 Dane Court Road, A255 St Peters Road, B2052 College Road and vice versa.

Nash Court Road closed at its junction with A254 Ramsgate Road, to the extent indication by signs and barriers on site.

The alternative route is via Nash Court Road, Nash Lane and vice versa.

A left hand turning restriction imposed on Salmestone Road, St Augustine’s Avenue and St Andrews Close, restricting traffic turning onto A254 Ramsgate Road.

A right hand turning restriction on QEQM Hospital access road and Perkins Avenue, restricting traffic turning onto A254 Ramsgate Road.

A no waiting restriction  temporarily imposed on A256 Westwood Road from outside number 107 to the junction with Northwood Road.


  1. SGN are taking the pee ,if they bothered to put a large team on this job instead of if you are lucky you may find 3 to 4 people on site ,and as Andrew said what about doing a proper day’s work ,try working to 5.30 to 6pm and how about starting at 8am ,then this bloody job would have been finished weeks ago.

  2. Only yesterday the company stated mid April ,next day mid May ,unbelievable ,what a useless company,WHY,is TDC,not coming them for over running by 8 weeks ,that’s the original time span,how long will the stretch from st Peter’s roundabout to wwx roundabout taken ,well into next year I bet

  3. Complete chaos , madness to not flood it with workers to speed it along. No Road widening plans in Nash Road I presume. With 100s – no 1,000s of new homes being built we must have a better road and infrastructure policy in place

  4. Colour me shocked. Stevie Wonder could have seen their progress has been interminably slow for the last couple of months.

  5. I had an appointment at QEQM yesterday but, fortunately, I was well aware of the local disruption.
    But it occurs to me that the pipes must be REALLY badly deteriorated to need replacing. After all, we are regularly reminded that we should move to renewable electricity as soon as possible.
    So, if these pipes are being improved to continue taking gas, somebody at government level must have missed the memo.
    If similar amounts of money was being spent on replacing old gas boilers with electrical systems, and government was also subsidising the transition to solar and wind power by the same amount as they subsidise coal, gas and oil , I wouldn’t mind. But they AREN’T !
    Whether the company handling these gas pipe repairs is good, bad or indifferent, misses the point.
    They are maintaining an out-of-date heating system. Like coal merchants going round with lorry loads of coal ,stopping at each street to sell sacks to the householders. Its part of history.

  6. Are all the residents that live around this chaos going to be compensated for having to put up with access to homes. It starts to get light from 5.30 am now so why can’t these people start work at 6am or even 7am until it starts to get dark even if its in shifts, whats worse is the further busy route that shut just a very small section of road being closed but preventing people to drive past. It takes me longer to get into Margate from lord of Manor lights than it does to get from sandwich thats before all the new houses are occupied.What is the future of Margate with all these new houses and extra population?

  7. Maybe the problem is to many vehicles on the roads, cars with only the driver!, so many busses most not even quarter full, constant lgv daytime delivery to shops.
    Most roads cannot accommodate the existing traffic. Tdc Kcc should be active in the existing road problems before gasmen arrived.

    Think the gasmen will be here for Christmas, i heard them talking about local turkey.

  8. If they are going to do that, then they need to open the road from at least Lester’s to allow traffic to flow around perking. The first stretch of road that is shut opposite the hospital no longer needs to be closed, that bit is finished and is just being used for storage.
    Utterly disgusting that KCC have allowed such a long stretch of a major road to be shut for so long.
    Perhaps our MPs can get evolved?

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