Gas main works on Ramsgate Road extended into April

Road closure

Gas main replacement works on Ramsgate Road in Margate have been extended until at least April 16.

SGN is carrying out works to upgrade the network as part of a 30-year programme replacing old metal pipes with new plastic pipe.

Work began on January 16 and was scheduled to be completed by March 10 but further works are now taking place. Another phase of gas mains replacement by the Star Lane roundabout has now been postponed.

Works began on January 16  from outside the QEQM Hospital entrance and the junction of Salmestone Road meaning the closure of the northbound carriageway of A254 Ramsgate Road between these locations and a signed diversion route via A256 Westwood Road

A closure was also  put in place at Nash Court Road at its junction with A254 Ramsgate Road.

SGN spokesman Dan Brown said: “Our essential work to upgrade the gas network along Ramsgate Road is running behind schedule due to unforeseen engineering circumstances.

“To support network demand and ensure a continued safe and reliable supply of gas to Margate properties, we’ve had to install new large diameter pipe. Unfortunately, our engineers have experienced difficulties navigating the reduced space available under the existing northbound closure of Ramsgate Road as well as diverting around other utilities’ pipes and cables. This has unfortunately led to a delay to completing this phase of work.

“To clarify, we have not started the second phase of our project. We’re continuing to liaise with the local authority and the work closer to Star Lane Roundabout will be replanned at a later date.

“We understand roadworks can be frustrating for residents and motorists. We’d like to thank the Margate community for your continued patience while we work to ensure everyone stays safe and warm.”

Closures and diversions

A254 Ramsgate Road closed northbound only from the junction with QEQM Hospital access road to the junction of B2052 College Road, to the extent indication by signs and barriers on site.

The alternative route is via A254 Ramsgate Road, A254 Margate Road, A256 Westwood Road, A255 Dane Court Road, A255 St Peters Road, B2052 College Road and vice versa.

Nash Court Road closed at its junction with A254 Ramsgate Road, to the extent indication by signs and barriers on site.

The alternative route is via Nash Court Road, Nash Lane and vice versa.

A left hand turning restriction imposed on Salmestone Road, St Augustine’s Avenue and St Andrews Close, restricting traffic turning onto A254 Ramsgate Road.

A right hand turning restriction on QEQM Hospital access road and Perkins Avenue, restricting traffic turning onto A254 Ramsgate Road.

A no waiting restriction  temporarily imposed on A256 Westwood Road from outside number 107 to the junction with Northwood Road.


  1. Absolute joke
    It took me 45 mins to get from Westwood to broadstairs on Saturday.
    Today I went past at 9am not one person working just standing around talking . They should be fined for late finishing and told to work weekends too as there was no one there Saturday either wonder what time they do work oh wait the answer to that is when they feel like it .

    • They day “essential works” but aren’t they just laying new gas lines to the new builds there? Bit of a damage limitation exercise to mollify the locals it looks like!

  2. They should never have been allowed to completely close a major road in one direction. Temporary lights should have been used. This is isolating a lot of vulnerable people as there is no bus service down the Ramsgate Road.
    KCC need to get their act together as take note of how it is affecting the people that live here!

    • Hopefully KCC highways will get involved as they would need a new permit for a extension as signs say till March 10th but SGN don’t care about anyone they just dig holes here there and everywhere and don’t wait to finish a job first . Just leave it a few days no one will notice . The bus company should seek compensation from SGN for loss of route and service completely unacceptable and farcial on SGN part to cut off services to those who need it

  3. Do S.G.N. or any other major company think about the people In my opinion, all they think about is their profits, and F— anyone else.

  4. Only last week ,they stated it would be finished by end of march,what’s gone wrong in 2/3days that they have to go till April 16th ,bet its not finished by that date, Terrible work ,it’s one man and his dog operation,I am sure if this was Tunbridge Wells,Sevenoaks ,Cranbrook area ,or, anywhere in West Kent, the work would be finished by now KCC,doesn’t care about East Kent,only west of Maidstone or there abouts

  5. Perhaps ti wouldn’t take more time if they had started work as soon as they put the barrier up instead of waiting for 2 weeks for any signs of work being started. Time for TDC to insert a clause into their permit saying no work, no closure.

  6. I live in Cliftonville.
    I work at Westwood Industrial Estate.
    It takes me less time to walk home than take therefore buses. It’s ridiculous.
    Meanwhile, central government tells us has boilers are being phased out. So, why do the mains need renewing?
    We’ve already had years of Virgin digging up the roads for fibre broadband. Then digging it up again, supposedly because they didn’t forthright first time. Now the gas contractors doing the same thing?
    I’m not a motorist. Those of you who are must be getting utterly furious.
    Something’s not right here. And it’s not just in Thanet. I talk to people all over the country and it’s happening everywhere. Why?

    • The gas mains are being replaced because currently, and for the next decade or so, people will be using gas.
      The existing gas mains (old iron pioes) are no longer fit for purpose. What would you say if there was a huge explosion the dem9lished half the hospital?
      If you read the piece, you’ll see that SGN explains quite clearly why there is this unexpected delay.

      • Andrew.
        Are they though?
        I travel these roads daily. Where is the plastic pipe? I’ve seen a couple of yellow rolls opposite the hospital, but not enough to stretch from the hole in the road to the hospice. Let alone Star Lane!
        Does anyone know any of the people working on the project? Anyone, from anywhere? There has not been one single vehicle there with markings indicating the presence of a gas infrastructure company.
        How many local residents since Christmas have had their domestic supply temporarily cut whilst their street or house is securely joined to the alleged new plastic main? How many individual streets branching from the Ramsgate Rd. have had their particular gas main replaced and how?
        The ovine mind does not ask such questions. Mainly due to fear of ridicule. You can ridicule me all you like. Whatever is going on in Ramsgate Rd, Margate has nothing to do with the physical replacement of the gas supply to customers’ homes. I’d be very interested to know what it is about.

          • Thank you.

            “I no longer believe what people say. I watch what they do. Behaviour never lies”.

            Winston Churchill

            When I first moved to Thanet, it was still full of former S.O.E. Now they’ve passed, we have Westwood Cross, endless housebuilding, etc.
            I suspect that this gas mains replacement is the Thanet version of the “15 minute cities” initiative, to which every local authority has signed up. “Discouraging” road travel between Ramsgate & Margate. Wait until the holiday season ramps up. This will all magically disappear when it is economically expedient. Only to insidiously reappear when the tourists have left.

    • Usually it’s to do with funding. Money needs to be spent before the financial year end for tax purposes my Father used to say. Dont know the “optics” but heard stuff like this for years! MARCH road digging!

  7. What a load of rubbish, contractors only work 10.00 till 4 most days, normally only a few workmen. To cap it all, SGN have just closed another major route, which causes extra traffic on the already gridlocked diversion. The buses getting stuck in gridlocked traffic, 30 minutes extra at peak times. Come on SGN,put extra resources into this contract, and get if finished before Easter.

  8. There seems to be no way to get home from Sandwich to Margate which dosent involve queues of traffic, and this is before all the houses along Manston Rd is occupied and now another Rd is closed by SGN would like to know who gives permission for all these closures, probably don’t live in the area. Thanet has become a terrible place to get around with all the house building going on

  9. They never seem to be doing any bloody work on it, most I have seen driving past is 1 or 2 people there having a chat! It’s no wonder it’s taking so long and causes chaos on Nash road.

  10. Utter rubbish Andrew.
    If one follows the money, one always discovers the truth.
    Unfortunately, due to the legal constraints laid down 40 years ago, most government ministers are not allowed access to the money trail.

  11. At most I’ve seen 3 people ‘working’ on this while we are all sat in a long queue of traffic trying to get back home. Total chaos and no thought given to what happens when the main road is closed. Trying to get out of QEQM is an utter nightmare, Your better off driving to Ashford or Deal hospital!

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