Fire crews called to Ramsgate shed blaze

Crews were called to a shed fire in Ramsgate

A shed was destroyed by fire at a home in Ramsgate yesterday (March 19) after it’s believed a garden bonfire accidentally spread and caused the outbuilding to catch alight.

Two fire engines were sent to the address in Newington Road at 5.30pm and extinguished the flames using hose reel jets.  A wooden gazebo was also damaged.

No injuries were reported and fire crews finished at the scene after 20 minutes.

Following the incident, firefighters are reminding people to take care when lighting a bonfire at home and to follow these simple safety tips:

  • Keep it small & well clear of greenery/fences/property
  • Supervise the burning at all times
  • Have a bucket of water/hosepipe nearby
  • Call 999 if it gets out of control
  • Also, it’s nice to let your neighbours know out of courtesy


  1. Unless you live in a country house miles away from anyone just don’t have garden bonfires.

    It’s probably one of the most antisocial things you can do. Your neighbours won’t thank you for it.

    • No it’s not illegal, as long as it doesn’t become a nuisance for neighbours, ie frequently having them.
      That’s why it’s suggested you have them early evening

  2. Bonfires !!!! I’m surprised the Green have not got Jenny Dawes to seek a judicial review on it, or maybe she didn’t bother because I’m not always successful. Haha

  3. Is there any reader who does not form an opinion about what they read? I don’t suppose there is.

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