Science Week fun for St Joseph’s primary pupils

Science Week at St Joseph's primary

Children at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Broadstairs have been exploring rockets, bugs, periscopes and more for Science Week.

Each year group was challenged with a different science topic with results that were amazing, interesting and sometimes spectacular in their design.

The week culminated in a Science Fair where the children demonstrated and showed their projects to the parents.

Science lead Mrs Sproates expressed her thanks and said how impressed she was with the amount of effort and imagination the children all put into their projects.

Across the school projects included rockets that could be launched and fly, bug hotels, habitats for real or imaginary animals, effects of light on surfaces, fossils, respiratory and circulatory systems, periscopes and suspension bridges.

A school spokesperson said: “Studies show that teaching others what you have learnt yourself can help you work harder to understand the material, recall it more accurately and apply it more effectively.

“Our wonderful  children not only learnt more by showing, explaining and answering questions from their peers, the younger year groups also learnt in an easy and engaging way.”