Ramsgate family’s litter pick challenge to raise funds for animal shelter

Liz and daughters Bethan and Alyssia raising funds in memory of mum and nan Linda

A Ramsgate mum, with help from her two daughters, has been litter picking in the town in a bid to raise money for an animal shelter.

Liz Adnitt, 41, and daughters Bethan,10, and Alyssia, four, are doing the clean up in memory of Liz’s mum Linda who passed away last summer.

Linda, who lived in the West Country, loved cats and had seven in the final months of her life including kitten Czar who was very poorly.

Czar was nursed back to health by St Giles Animal Rescue and rehomed in Ramsgate.

Liz says the litter pick, which is timed to coincide with the Great British Spring Clean Up, is a way of repaying the charity which had spent funds on medication whilst nursing Czar back to health, and making sure her hometown benefits with the litter pick.

She said: “The year before mum died she took in the rescue kitten but he was really poorly. St Giles agreed to use their veterinary know how to nurse him back to health and they spent £600  on medication while caring for him. Before mum died they managed to rehome Czar with a lady in Ramsgate. The sponsored litter pick is a thank you to the shelter.

“Because we live in Ramsgate we also wanted to do something for the town and we are tying the litter pick in with the Great British Spring Clean and some events in Ramsgate on March 20.

“(Ramsgate mayor) Raushan gave us litter pickers and has been really supportive.”

The family say they will donate anything above the £600 target to the Ramsgate Sea Scouts fund for renovating their HQ at the Ice House on Military Road.

Liz said: “Bethan is a Sea Scout and we feel it is really important to support local causes.”

St Giles Animal Rescue cares for abused, abandoned and displaced pets. They take in dogs, cats, small animals and even the odd sheep! All rescues are ready for adoption; after they have been treated, trained and prepared for a better life.

The 6th Ramsgate Royal Harbour Sea Scouts are undertaking major repair works at the Ice House in Military Road.

The group plans to create a centre for the Sea Scouts and the wider community after successfully taking over the site at Ramsgate harbour under a Community Asset Transfer in 2017.

The building was once used to store block ice brought to the UK from Norway to be used in the fish markets. It has since had a variety of mixed commercial uses.

The Sea Scouts, whose association with the Ice House goes back many years, want to create space for the group’s headquarters but also kitchens, a water school, community cafe, meeting rooms and more.

The Sea Scouts moved into the Ice House in 2020.

Find the litter pick fundraiser here