Time for The Great Ramsgate Spring Clean

Great Ramsgate Spring Clean

From tomorrow (March 20) until Friday, March 31, local volunteer groups have organised 15 community litter picks around Ramsgate for the annual Great Spring Clean event.

The Great Ramsgate Spring Clean is organised by the Ramsgate Litter Forum and consists of a series of short local litter-picks across town aimed at tackling ‘grot spots’ & areas that attract litter, each organised by a different group of local residents.

The Ramsgate Litter Forum brings together individuals, volunteer groups and works with local businesses and Ramsgate Town Council and Thanet District Council to push for cleaner streets and more responsible disposal of waste.

Everyone is welcome take part in any of the litter-picking sessions, and children are also very welcome if accompanied by an adult. The litter-picks last between 90 minutes and 2 hours – and you can do as much or a little as you like.

Pickers, hoops, rubbish bags and Covid hygiene items will be provided for all events – and the collected rubbish will be picked up afterwards (thank you, Ramsgate Town Council & the RTC Technicians) and disposed of properly.

Chair of Ramsgate Litter Forum, Tricia Austin, said: “We’re delighted that 15 separate litter picks are taking place for the Spring Clean this year, co-ordinated by the Litter Forum but each led by a different voluntary group, from the RNLI to the East Cliff Community Group.

“We’re particularly pleased that one of our litter picks (the Upper High Street litter pick on Saturday 25th March) is being led by the Ukrainians in Ramsgate group, who say they want to give something back to the town that has made them so welcome. Please come and join us for any of these sessions if you can!”

Follow the Great Ramsgate Spring Clean and Ramsgate Litter Pickers facebook groups to find out more, and information about any late changes to the times & locations of these local volunteer litter picks.


MONDAY 20th March

Canterbury Road East

10am, meet at far end of Canterbury Rd East, outside no.s 101-109

TUESDAY 21st March

Grange Road

10am, meet outside the Co-op

WEDNESDAY 22nd March (2 picks)

East Cliff Seafront & Promenade
10am, meet near the Tollgate Kiosk

St Luke’s Avenue
2pm, meet at Viaduct Stores, top of St Luke’s Avenue

THURSDAY 23rd March

Ramsgate Town Centre

10am, meet outside the HSBC building

FRIDAY 24th March

Chatham Street area

10am, meet in the Asda car park

SATURDAY 25th March (2 picks)

Port & Harbour
9am, meet at the RNLI Station

Upper High Street
11am, meet outside the Salvation Army

SUNDAY 26th March

Chine to Chine

11am, meet in Pier Yard outside the Clock House

MONDAY 27th March

Whitehall Road & Coleman Crescent

10am, meet outside the New Jumbo Chinese Restaurant

TUESDAY 28th March

Boundary Park & area

2pm, meet near the basketball court

WEDNESDAY 29th March

West Dumpton Lane & Prestedge Avenue

10am, meet at Premier, West Dumpton Lane Stores

THURSDAY 30th March (2 picks)

Jackey Bakers

10am, meet in the car park by the playground

Honeysuckle Road area 

2pm, meet outside Petticoat Lane Emporium

FRIDAY 31st March

Manston Road

10am, meet outside Staner Court


  1. Well done Ramsgate litter groups.I know there are grot spots but it doesnt help that TDC along with the litter bugs make no effort to clear it up.
    Where would this country be without volunteers.
    Amazing that we have to pay council tax and then pick it up ourselves.

  2. It’s a shame that people can’t dispose of their rubbish themselves rather than litter. Great to see community spirit and action taking place. We could do with more of this on a regular basis.

  3. Unfortunately we (the public) are a very, very messy lot, and seems we don’t want to pay a bit more council tax to cover staffing costs – so extra help is needed and that where the volunteers like me come in – personally I’m happy give up a couple of hours every so often to help make a difference to where I live.
    The tdc street teams work really hard all year round, and in all weathers, but they are stretched very thin as there is so little money to pay salaries available. (How many millions has central government taken away from local councils over the past few years?) I think they do a great job in tricky circumstances and respond really quickly if you report flytipping.
    If we all stopped dropping litter we wouldn’t have a problem 🙂

    • Very well said Guy and thank you and all the other litter pickers who help to make Ramsgate a lovely place to visit and reside in.

    • Bang on Guy

      If TDC employed another 100 litter pickers the same people that moan about TDC not cleaning the streets, would complain about the cost of employing them lol.

      Here’s an idea why dont the public of thanet stop dropping their litter. I hate the idea that some of my council tax is spent on picking up litter dropped by scum.

  4. This should and is a responsibility for TDC, its nice that you want thanet to be clean and that you voulenteer tour time but it is taking the spot light away from the lack of services supplied from tdc. We recently had volunteer pickers collecting rubbish around the railway bridge north down road St Peters the bags were not collected by the volunteers or tdc and now we have split doggy bags all over the pavement that is just one example not good

  5. In this case TDC isn’t the problem. People that litter are. It’s a cultural and education thing. People need educating, don’t drop litter and don’t believe everything you read on the side of a bus.

    • Your right Not Impressed, but why do people think its acceptable to just throw their rubbish away? I am no behavioural scientist but is it because they are just fed up, and suffer from low self esteem? They don’t see any future, so throw their rubbish into the street as some sort of protest? Anyway, one thing TDC could do to help, that wouldn’t cost us much, is to place more rubbish bins in strategic places, and EMPTY them regularly, simples!

      • Nothing to do with low self esteem,Dumpton.They just do not give a toss about dropping their litter and,arrogantly,regard it as the job of others,to clear their detritus.”That is what they are paid to do”.

  6. A big thank you,to all those volunteers,for clearing up the litter and pollution of the “Great Unwashed”,who think there is nothing wrong in dropping their rubbish.
    This should be a job for those who are convicted of fly tipping and other pollution offences.
    It is ,indeed,a cultural thing.Lesdons need to be learned from countries like Singapore and Japan.
    Children are taught the evils of polluting the environment,but many do not see it as cool,to be environmentally aware.
    I suppose,in the final analysis,we are all guilty of it,with our obscene,excessive lifestyles.

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