Two arrested and one taken to hospital after reported stabbing in Ramsgate

Police cordon Photo Mark Stanford (cropped)

Two men have been arrested following a reported stabbing in Ramsgate.

Kent Police was called to Harbour Parade at 4.20am today (March 18) where a man was found with a stab wound to his arm. The victim was taken to hospital.

Two men were arrested and remain in custody.

The area leading into Harbour Parade currently has a police cordon stopping entry.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 4.20am on Saturday 18 March, to a report of an assault in Harbour Parade, Ramsgate. Officers attended and a man was taken to hospital. He had an injury to his arm consistent with a stab wound.

“Two men have been arrested in connection with the incident and taken into custody.

“Anyone with information which may assist the investigation is asked to call Kent Police on 01843 222289, quoting reference 46/49620/23. You can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or by using the online form on their website.”


  1. They should be charged with attempted murder. If you carry a knife you’re intending to kill someone or seriously harm

    • Serious harm isn’t the same as murder.
      There is a variety of offences the defendents could be charged with, but attempted murder isn’t one of them.

      • You are at least endangering life if you put a knife in your pocket whilst you are still in a sober state of mind. Everybody around you that night has their life at risk, so they need to come down extremely heavy on them.
        Also we all know the potential harm of putting a knife in someone so attempted murder isn’t too far fetched. Too soft on that kind of behaviour in this country

      • I AGREE Andrew. Ridiculous to suggest carrying a knife and using it on someone could ever be considered attempted murder.

        That clearly could never happen. Knives don’t kill people.

        He should be charged with attempted buttery no doubt in your ridiculous world.

        You are a Wally.

        • You are the wally if you think knives dont kill! Havent you read the news about all of the youngsters being killed in the UK – wake up

    • As Andrew says it’s very complicated. A lot of stabbings are “punishment’s” usually enforcing drug debt, the weapon of choice is often a small bladed flat screwdriver or similar , (several years ago local landlords were asked to be alert to tenants with such wounds as it was a common indication of people who were both drug users and getting themselves into trouble) whilst technically correct and they have been stabbed the report doesn’t mention a knife but people assume that is what was used. The act of intentionally stabbing in the leg, arm or hand also means that the chances of serious harm are very unlikely and that will be used as a defence against assertions of attempted murder etc. Use of a screwdriver also throws into doubt intent and is easily argued that it was inadvertently in their pocket having changed a fuse etc etc.
      As ever reality is so much more complicated than a incident report may suggest. Not that it in any excuses the actions of those involved, i’d quite happily see them locked up for a minimum of 10 years.

      • Thank you for your insight into the criminal world.

        I thought ”punishments” were inflicted in the form of a Stanley knife across the arse cheeks.

        • “Thank you for your insight into the criminal world.”

          Both they, and you, are about 20 years out of date.

      • “the weapon of choice is often a small bladed flat screwdriver or similar”

        Yeah, maybe in the 90s mate. Its mostly machetes, bowies and “zombie” knives now, pal.

  2. Meanwhile the magistrates or whoever is responsible issue more and more late night (virtually all night) licenses and irresponsible licensees compete on the basis of being the cheapest place in town to get bladdered. Will any of them be forced to face up to the consequences of their decisions? Of course not.

    • Were either the victim or those detained in relation to the incident confirmed to have been under the influence of alcohol?
      Do we need to extend your logic to other things in life eg’s, car ownership , owning a dog? Or should we be realistic and place the responsibility on those directly involved.

    • This has nothing to do with licensing, you weapon. Its to do with personal attitude. Stop trying to blame the licensing boards, they’re not the ones ACTIVELY CHOOSING TO CARRY BLADES…

    • I never thought of London as very dangerous or even quite dangerous in the years when I lived there. nor did my friends and acquaintances. Thanet doesn’t feel very or quite dangerous either. Steve needs to be less nervous about his fellow Thanetians, and perhaps he needs to visit London more often.

    • For those walking the street at 4am.

      If you visit these pages regularly, EVERYTHING, that happens in Thanet is reported, I would say Thanet is an extremely safe place to live.

      Late night in any town has its assaults and fights now and then.

      We have the law and order party running the country and have been for 13 years….. they are famous for two main things….. law and order and low taxes….

      Sleep easy buttercup they’ve got this covered. Just put an X in the box next to McKinlay.

  3. Understanding why the attacked person and why the attacker’s were in that area at 0420 is important.

    The reasons will be very helpful to eradicate most crimes in that area, doubt the police have free resources, doubt local councillors but tdc have £millions for levelling up & high st funds.
    These incidents can be stopped.
    Hope the attacked person is ok and recovering

    • “tdc have £millions for levelling up & high st funds”

      You mean funding from central gov specific for those purposes, that for some unknown reason, you’re misplacing blame on to TDC?

  4. Thank you for your insight into the criminal world.

    I thought ”punishments” were inflicted in the form of a Stanley knife across the arse cheeks.

  5. Well me and my husband Barry live in the nice part of Margate duke street in the old town. We have been dealing with ongoing anti-social behaviour and daily drug dealers on our road for the past 18th months .The police and council have not taking any action at all so far after 14 complaints so far .

    • You moved to a town centre in a deprived area and are shocked there is drug dealing going on? Bless your naivete.

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