Seven home plan at Gore End Farm gets the go-ahead

The Gore End site will be developed into 7 homes

A development of seven homes in a mix of conversion and extension of a threshing barn, converted cow shed and new builds at Gore End Farm in Birchington will go ahead after being approved by Thanet council’s planning committee.

The proposal was discussed by members of the committee last night (March 15) with the issue splitting views on the panel.

The application from landowner St John’s College Cambridge had been subject to a site visit after being deferred last month.

The site dates to at least 1650 and is likely to go back further to the 116th century. The plan is to convert the Grade II listed threshing barn into two houses, one three-bed and one five-bed; convert the curtilage listed cow barn to a three-bed home and build four homes – one 3-bed and three 4-bed).

Proposed layout Image Clague Architects

The application plot sits alongside agricultural land, also owned by St John’s College Cambridge, earmarked for 1650 homes.

Last night Birchington councillor Phil Fellows urged members to reject the application due to fears over traffic congestion caused by the addition of a third traffic light sequence, the destruction of heritage and farmland character and the impact on wildlife and green space.

His view was backed by councillors including Green Party’s Mike Garner who said the application converted rather than preserved the listed buildings and there were issues with ecology and highways. He added that it did not properly meet policy in the Local Plan and should be carried out in a coordinated way with the 1,650 home development planned to run alongside it.

However, Labour’s Rick Everitt said rejecting the application would likely lead to the council, and council tax payers, having to fund an appeal.

New build Image Clague Architects

Thanet council planning officers recommended the application was approved. A vote resulted in 8 for approval, four against and one abstaining.

The development will include the conversion of Gore End Barn which was Grade II Listed in 2000 with Historic England saying it likely dates from the 16th Century with bays added in the 17th Century.

Proposals are to replace the cart doors with new entrance doors and traditional midstreys and create an extension at the south-eastern end of the barn with conversion to two homes.

Proposed barn design Image Clague Architects

Developers say the cow shed will have the historic openings  reinstated, including the dormer window affronting Minnis Road.

The site will also have a new row of three cottages designed in the style of an agricultural barn and a home rebuilt on the remains of the historic L-shaped out building and dovecote, which historically formed the entrance to the site.


      • That was the problem. There was never any intention to maintain the existing structure. So development was the only way forward

        • What else can happen, the council can hardly throw its weight about threatening to take action against those who don’t look after heritage assets, that really would be a case of pot and kettle. The building has no value to the owners other than a sale, development gives them the best return. It’s all very well people not liking it, but how many people choose to turn down extra money. Converting and developing such a building is a very expensive business and so it has to be split up and every opportunity taken to get the most from the site. Whilst it’d be lovely to have turned the site into a single home and retain as much as possible of the charm/patina, it’d be almost impossible to sell as a commercial venture. But if i won the euromillions i’d like to have a go.

  1. Thanet Council must be getting millions of extra pounds now from all these new homes being built. What are they ( council ) doing with all the extra income.

    • First things first, Bill. Why don’t you submit a FOIA, instead of proposing a theory and then pretending it’s truth in your second sentence?

  2. I just tried this morning to make an appointment for one of our grandchildren at Dashwood Medical Center in Ramsgate her parents are at work and she has been sent home from school unwell. This is the prerecorded message on their answer phone. “Due to sickness we are only able to make urgent appointments” This medical practice is supposed to be under Special measures under the quality care commission. It’s an appalling surgery that my relatives belong to they have 10,000 patients on their books for 5 part time doctors. Other surgeries in the area will not let them transfer because their books are full also local dentist in Thanet are no longer taking NHS patients only private . Yet Thanet Council are still allowing more and more houses to be

  3. Build on Manston.

    The largest greenfield site in Kent.

    Voting for something in order to avoid the cost of appeal is why our public service is in such a parlous state.

    • “The largest greenfield site in Kent.”

      Its brownfield, due to the fact its former industrial and land/aquifer is contaminated with fire fighting PFOA/PFAS foams from back int he day…

  4. This is a poor decision arrived at through a flawed process; let’s hope that a judicial review follows and exposes the back room agreements that turned a planning committee rejection into a site visit and then an approval.

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