Armed police attend report of ‘firearm’ spotted in van in Dane Valley

Image Kent Police

Armed police were called to  Dane Valley yesterday (March 15) after receiving a report of a ‘firearm’ spotted in a van.

Officers attended the scene in St Anthonys Way at around 3pm and a man was arrested at a nearby property.

But the ‘firearm’ turned out to be a cap gun and the man has been released without charge.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at around 3pm on Wednesday 15 March to a report that a suspected firearm had been seen in a parked van in St Anthony’s Way, Margate.

“Patrols attended the scene and a man was arrested at a nearby property while further enquiries were carried out.

“The item was later located and found to be a silver cap gun and the man was released without charge.”


    • Because, logically and using your critical thinking abilities, Steve, its likely he had a child who loves to play PEW PEW PEW cowboys and indians, or cops and robbers with his Daddy.

  1. Was he planning to hold up the local Saloon bar? once he had found his 10 gallon hat 🙂
    The person that called this in should be questioned for wasting valuable police time I think & made to do a firearms awareness course.

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