Armed police attend report of ‘firearm’ spotted in van in Dane Valley

Image Kent Police

Armed police were called to  Dane Valley yesterday (March 15) after receiving a report of a ‘firearm’ spotted in a van.

Officers attended the scene in St Anthonys Way at around 3pm and a man was arrested at a nearby property.

But the ‘firearm’ turned out to be a cap gun and the man has been released without charge.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at around 3pm on Wednesday 15 March to a report that a suspected firearm had been seen in a parked van in St Anthony’s Way, Margate.

“Patrols attended the scene and a man was arrested at a nearby property while further enquiries were carried out.

“The item was later located and found to be a silver cap gun and the man was released without charge.”


  1. Was he planning to hold up the local Saloon bar? once he had found his 10 gallon hat 🙂
    The person that called this in should be questioned for wasting valuable police time I think & made to do a firearms awareness course.

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