Ramsgate Royal British Legion Club and new Branch committee ‘hopeful for future’

Russ Haffenden and Richard Morgan are hopeful for the future with Club and Branch working together

In January Ramsgate’s Royal British Legion Club was appealing for community support in the face of rapidly rising costs.

It was also operating solo due to the Ramsgate RBL branch being placed in county administration the previous July.

But now things are starting to look up. The branch is back in action and has been to pick up its standard this week and the club has been undergoing a facelift and improvements including its new upstairs restaurant and a packed programme of events.

With branch and club now working together, members are hopeful for the future.

Richard Morgan QVRM, who heads up the club’s Veteran’s Hub, said: “We are beginning to show promise for better days. There are lots of events coming up, including for the coronation in May with a singer, tea party, a DJ, so we would ask people to continue supporting us and coming to see us.

“The branch are picking up their standard and we are both vital to each other, the club couldn’t run for too long without having the branch.

“We have our veteran’s hub on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month, we’ve done some decorating in the top area and upstairs we have our restaurant which is a franchise being run by Dominic Frost.

“So, there are lots of improvements at the club and we’d like to thank everyone in the community for their continued support which got us through a low period.”

New branch chairman Russ Haffenden said: “We have a new branch which is a really positive thing for the community. When it was taken into administration by county there was a lot of disappointment but since people have heard the branch has resumed with a new committee there has been lots of positive feedback.”

Russ, who served with the Royal Navy and then with the Queen’s Royal Hussars, is looking forward to the swearing in of the committee and standard on April 2, followed by a busy schedule of events.

He said: “We have done some renovations and had a lot of help. Paul King from Rhino Aluminium gave  us the new club door and Rick Axford from Vehicle Tech has given us our (wall) stickers.

“There is a nice positive feeling about the place and we have had visits from other branches who are taking an interest in what we are doing.”

The Ramsgate club and branch is now making plans for the anniversary of the Dambusters raid in May and Armed Forces Day in June as well as its other events.

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  1. Onwards and upwards. In memory of all the young men with Ramsgate connections including my grandfather, who gave their lives in WWI and those local men who fought in it, I feel it is very important to keep the link going so wish you the best of luck.

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