Margate RNLI called to disabled yacht off north Kent coast

Margate RNLI D class inshore lifeboat (RNLI Margate)

Margate RNLI along with lifeboats from Ramsgate and Sheerness have assisted a disabled yacht off the north Kent coast.

Around 11am yesterday (Wednesday 8 March) UK Coastguard received a report from a member of the public of a yacht going round in circles off the harbour at Margate with the occupants waving their arms to attract attention.

Margate RNLI’s D class lifeboat was tasked to investigate and Margate Coastguard Rescue Team also proceeded to the harbour arm. The lifeboat quickly located the 14m yacht with two male occupants run aground after trying unsuccessfully to moor in the harbour, they reported problems with the yacht’s engine. The lifeboat secured a towline to the yacht and it was moved to safer waters for an assessment of the situation to be carried out.

It was established the vessel could not take the ground due to its single keel and with no suitable and safe berth in Margate and after consultation with the coastguard it was determined that the best way to ensure the safety of the craft and its occupants was to tow it to Ramsgate. The lifeboat towed the yacht to a position off Margate where Ramsgate’s all-weather lifeboat took over the tow.

As weather conditions were not ideal it was decided to seek a secondary port of refuge at Sheerness and Ramsgate lifeboat rendezvoused with Sheerness RNLI all-weather lifeboat off Reculver which completed the tow to the Medway. One of the D class lifeboat crewmembers from Margate remained on board the yacht to assist the occupants until Sheerness lifeboat took over the tow, returning to Thanet on the Ramsgate lifeboat.


  1. What a heartwarming story, and love the cooperation between the various areas, but it must have been hugely expensive..who foots the bill?

    • I don’t own a boat.
      But I fully support the work of the RNLI in saving lives at sea.
      However, I rather take exception to yachtsmen using the RNLI as a free tug-boat service.

    • Yes Ms Jones – it is unfortunate that Margate no longer boasts a proper full size lifeboat (just two dinghies) as this could have avoided having to call out both Ramsgate and Sheerness boats.

  2. I always hope that when a boat or persons in distress , sinking or cut off by the tide , that the rescued parties give a significant donation to the RNLI for their life saving help.

  3. it would be interesting to know just how many donations are made in respect of the amount of rescues carried out ? , which quite a few of could have probably been avoided with a bit more common sense.

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