The Thanet skate school aiming to bring the community together through sport

Kane and young students at Scorcha Skate School

A passion for inspiring youngsters and getting people of all ages connected through sport is the driving force behind Thanet’s Scorcha Skate School.

Set up by Margate resident Kane McArthur in 2021, the sessions are available for ‘little rippers’ aged three years upwards through to those aged 18.

There are also adult rollerskating one-to-ones led by coach Daiz Westbury with adult boarding groups due to be launched at the end of this month.

Kane, 25, is determined to knit together all ages in the community by teaching skills but also getting participants to have fun, gain confidence and get creative.

The school is mobile, meaning sessions can be held in any suitable area of the isle although weekend groups are held at Broadstairs Skate Park at the Memorial Rec.

Kane, who also travels the country teaching the sport, fizzes with enthusiasm as he talks about the school and his plans for the future.

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He said: “The skate school started about two years ago on the back of unity skate against racism events (Bun Hate, Let’s Skate) events I did. The school was built up from the momentum of that.

“I did some free lessons, with raffles and competitions, as a way to give back to the community and get everyone together for a good cause.

“From a teenager I always wanted to do a skate school but had put it off even though it was an achievable goal. As soon as the talks about having the Margate skate park started I thought ‘what am I waiting for.’

“It was the perfect time to get started and get connected with the community.”

Kane currently runs Little Rippers for those aged three and over; Complete Beginners for under 12s and sessions for youngsters with some experience. There are also the adult rollerskating 1-1s, festivals, events, after-school clubs and workshops.

Kane, who is also an actor, rapper under the name of Kenwa, social activist and involved with Pavilion Youth Club, said sessions are starting to rev up again after a challenging winter.

He added: “I want this to be something for everyone, an inclusive space where it doesn’t matter what your age is or where you come from.

“I teach youngsters as young as three. As long as their parents feel comfortable and can see their child has the confidence to give it a go, I don’t mind (about their age).

“The goal is for Scorcha to be big enough to have an impact on the community. At the moment I travel to schools around the country but Thanet means a lot to me and I want the kids coming up to have ambition and to be able to do different things. You can’t be it unless you see it and I know, growing up in this area, that you can’t always imagine something bigger. There is nothing wrong with ordinary jobs but for kids that are creative, I’d like them to achieve.”

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Scorcha Skate School will be running workshops at the We Out Here festival again this summer and bringing back  “Bun hate, Let’s Skate” events in aid of local projects.

Kane hopes to convert Bun Hate, Let’s Skate into a CIC to provide free lessons to the community and will also be running adult skateboarding taster sessions later this month.

He says the aim is to break down stereotypes, promote diversity and make skateboarding an accessible sport for all – perhaps even discovering a future Olympic competitor along the way.

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Kane said: “I fell in love with skateboarding when I was around 9/10 years old and I can say with full heart it’s what made be the person I am today. As well installing the life lessons I needed to get to where I am and where I’m heading, it taught me that no goal or dream is too big or completely out of reach, you just have to want it enough and keep persisting, keep going and one day your get back what you put in.”

He added: “I want to connect to local schools to give these experiences to as many young people as possible. Without schools, youth clubs and charities  it can be hard for some to access this kind of sport but I believe it should be accessible to everyone.”

Find Scorcha Skate School and what it offers by clicking here

Kane has collaborated with artist Jon Horner and Print Social to design Bun Hate Let’s Skate tops to help raise money for international elimination of racial discrimination day on March 21.

All proceeds are split between the skate school and People Dem Collective.

Find the link here


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