Opening date confirmed for new Tim Hortons restaurant and drive-thru at Westwood

Tim Hortons at Westwood Photo Frank Leppard

Canadian restaurant and drive-thru Tim Hortons has today (March 6) confirmed its newest venue at Westwood will open on March 20 at 7am.

The venue at Broadstairs Retail Park (the roundabout area from Tesco to The Range) will be celebrating the occasion with prizes up for grabs and the first customers in the drive-thru and the restaurant queue winning free drinks for an year. The first 100 customers will receive a free breakfast meal.

Customers can try out the coffee, donuts and Timbits as well as meal options, hot sandwiches, wraps and burgers.

The new restaurant will be open from 6am till midnight, seven days a week with dine-in, drive-thru, takeaway and delivery options available to those at home.

Kevin Hydes, Chief Commercial Officer of Tim Hortons® franchise in the UK, said: “It brings me great pleasure to unveil the opening date for our new restaurant and drive-thru in the coastal town of Broadstairs. Fans have been desperate to see more of our restaurants open up in the South of England, so we delighted to please customers with our opening here.

“We look forward to sharing the Tim Hortons experience with the community and all those in the local area.

“The team has dedicated a lot of time and effort in preparation for launch day, and we’re looking forward to celebrating when our doors open on Monday 20th March. We have a considerable number of prizes and giveaways up for grabs and we’d love to see as many locals and visitors as possible during our grand opening.”

The outlet has been working with Thanet Job Centres to fill roles and is still advertising some positions.

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  1. What is it with these coffee houses. They seem to be springing up everywhere there a scrap piece of land. Plenty of profit for hot water and a few beans.

    • The answer is simple – too many fat (oops I mean enormous) lazy people in Thanet with too much money in their pockets and too much time on their hands.

      A geographic area the size of Thanet must be proportionately supporting one of the highest number of coffee, fast food and drive through outlets in the country.

  2. I have just walked from Tesco to Lidl and probably picked up over 50 pieces of litter over a 200 yard walk.All litter from the Multinational companies.I could have picked up more.So now we have another company that will produce unhealthy fast food along with all their litter thrown everywhere by its clientele.
    Dirty filthy Thanet ….shat must the tourists think,if they ever return.
    Im all for new jobs but surely TDC have to clamp down on these companies.The area looks like the entrance to a rubbish dump.

    • Do you ever visit other towns ,they are all the same ,rubbish everywhere, thanet is no different,if you do visit other towns ,you must walk around with either dark glasses on or blinkers ,local councils have drastically cut back on street cleaning,if they have any YES people should not drop litter everywhere,but they do

    • My god this is a negative comment. People want to meet for a coffee now. Not go to pubs. Get over it and quit being so negative

  3. Isn’t this the little drive through place opposite the Tesco petrol pumps? The one that wants to employ 103 people? They might rethink that number of staff downward pretty quick.

    • This area is tiring. A huge company want to invest in the area and provide much needed jobs and another place for people to socialise and all they get is negativity. People are so backward here

      • Just remember these giant multinational companies also after all the hype & virtue signaling how much they love the area usually pull out investment pretty quick, when they don’t make the money they want to.

        As said previously it does seem hard to believe that a little store at a roundabout is going to need to employ over 100 staff.

  4. That’s grand scale forward thinking; a glitzy purpose built mediocre fast food outlet that must be north of seven figures of investment! Can’t imaging the ROI coming in anytime soon.

    If the staff attrition rate of Kaspar’s is any metric to ponder over, boy they are in for some rough trade.

    • Yeah because some random poster on a local news website knows more about commerciality and ROI than big companies who are prepared to put big money into these schemes.

  5. What a silly place to build it-It will be chaos round that Roundabout-Look at new haine road at peak times gridlock-And houses being built there too-Welcome to GRIDLOCK CROSS

  6. More people = greater the requirement for troughs to feed from.
    Look forward to the greater variety of litter being strewn around .
    Won’t be long until Thanet can become a like for like twin town with Kensington Philadelphia USA.

  7. If people on this site do not like these places don’t use them ,stop moaning ,no one is asking you to use fast food places ,bet loads still use them though even though they moan about them

      • Speak for yourself. I’ll be using it. If big companies are prepared to invest in the local area and employ staff then I’ll do my bit to support them.

        It’s decent coffee too. Far better than the American chain over the road.

        • Sorry Ray the Bread you are deluded.I drive all over the South East and London and there is more litter in Thanet than the rest of the South East combined.The M2 is bad I will grant you but the minute you hit the A299 at Thanet,litter quadruples.I spent a 2 week driving tour of France.You just dont see litter there. The minute you pull out of Dover you realise you are living in what appears to be a Third World looking country.

        • sauage egg muffin.dreadfull.gaue the sea gulls breakfast.wont be going back.yes stupid place .what idiots approved entry.exit ,on the round about .MC Donald’s for me.

  8. Many feeble-minded Thanet sheeple will no doubt play into their fickle nature and indulge the chain en masse for a limited time until the draw of the Dole Centre once again becomes overwhelming. Then we can all expect a tsunami of American branded litter packaging to match the artistic display of our A299 hinterland verges.

    So it’s all a big “Yay!” because they have siphoned off tranches of our youngest dole veterans with the IQ of an amoeba?

  9. Never mind the comments on litter and who is and who is not going to eat there, what struck me about this article is the last sentence – “The outlet has been working with Thanet Job Centres to fill roles and is still advertising some positions.”

    For an area with such high unemployment, why are they not able to find sufficient staff? Due to so many not even wanting to work which seems to be a huge problem now just in Thanet but in many places these days. My 15 year old niece recently proudly told me she has an weekend job in McDonalds so she can earn some money as knows her parents can’t afford to buy her some of the things she wants. Sadly not many youngsters have this attitude these days. I and all my friends got weekend and holiday jobs from when we were 14 and I believe is an important part of a teenager’s development and their learning to not only manage money but realise it’s value.

  10. A little variety at wwx with this gem of a chain. Love visiting Tim’s in Thurrock as a treat, its always busy and very popular there. The food puts Mc’ds to shame. Looking forward to getting some breakfast here soon, the donuts and hot chocolate are delicious.

    • It is all the same junk-they probably just more salt & additives in. You can always count on two things in insanely vast amounts in deprived areas-bookies & junk food outlets.

      Just how many high sugar coffee places & greasy food joints does Westwood need exactly? Just over the road you have Subway, down the road a few minutes walk BK, McDonald’s near Sainsburys, the other way KFC. Is the idea to make Thanet 90% obese?

    • Egg sausage muffin.rubbish.couldnt eat Donalds breakfast it we be shut under two years.

  11. Well we will visit but not on opening day, hopefully they have thought about the drive thru entrance & exit which in on a mini roundabout.(private road i believe).
    That roundabout is already busy with tesco,wickes and the range car users will be more busy when ex currys store has new owner.
    Seems to be road markings advising of the drive thru overflow route which goes down to the range shop.
    Have they got electric car charge points ? Have they employed litter pickers ?
    Must be a canadian thing, they already have 10 google reviews Although opening in 2 weeks.

  12. In a square mile you have

    Two Costas
    Two McDonald’s
    Burger King
    Cafe at Dunelm
    Cafe in Tesco
    Harris and Hoole
    Cafe in Sainsbury’s
    Cafe in M&S
    Caffe Nero
    Coffee shop in Westwood Cross
    Cafe in the Range
    Not to mention the restaurants in the same area.
    And now this place!

    Least one industry hasn’t been affected by the cost of living crisis

    • Even WH Smith, Waterstones etc have cafes now. Hell, you can buy donuts & 30g of sugar drinks until the cows come home, yet try finding fruit & vegetables in the supermarkets.

  13. And the new one next to Bella Italia. Not an exhaustive list.

    A one mile radius will almost certainly involve many more hot beverage places not in that list.

    One can be down one’s luck but there’s always caffeine to boost morale.

  14. Kent,the Garden of England.More like the Refuse Dump of England.More litter to throw on your way back home from a day visit.All for jobs,maybe TDC could employ some litter pickers or create a litter police dept.

  15. I emailed the Department of the Environment once a year for 3 years in succession complaining about the litter, the like of which I have never seen in any other part of the planet, and I got the same reply each time. I was quoted the “ant-litter strategy”.
    Nothing has changed so I suppose that was the strategy they were referring to. Its not comfortable to see elderly people on the verges picking litter when we pay for it in our rates.

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