Dreamland reopens rides, roller disco and arcades on April 1


Dreamland reopens the park on April 1 with the addition of some new rides/activities.

Alongside the Scenic Railway, Big Wheel, dodgems and other park regulars will be new family rides and activities the Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster, Mirror Maze, Miniature Railway and  Crazy Golf.

The ride line-up on the Dreamland website also shows the helter skelter, mirrors, hurricane jets, chair-o-plane, busy bee coaster, whirl around, waltzers, Austin cars, double decker and gallopers.

Thrillseeker rides such as Pinball X and Pendulum were sold during 2021-22.

Opening times are listed as weekends and holidays, 10.30am (park opens) 11am for rides until closing at 6pm. The park remain free to enter with rides by token.

Dreamland says it is mainly cashless and ride tokens can be purchased from the booths on park, where payment can be made by card or contactless methods.

The amusements, roller disco and arcades also reopen on April 1.

On Easter Sunday (April 9) Dreamland will hold a free egg hunt with eggs hidden around the park for guests to find and one very  golden egg. Find the golden egg and hand it in to win a Dreamland day out for up to six people.

Last month Dreamland was granted a new premises licence which allows the doubling of outdoor events and extends eight indoor events per year from a 2am closing to 4am.

The licence, which will be reviewed after 18 months, also permits the park to hold four-dayer events – up from the current two-dayers- although there must be at least 28 days between each of these.

Find opening details at www.dreamland.co.uk.

Dreamland licence approved to double outdoor events and extend 8 indoor events to 4am closing


  1. Yeah bore off Dreamland, you are a joke, you sold most the rides and charge an insane amount for what you have left per ride. This is the problem when hedge funds get involved in things they should have no business in. They question everyone should be asking is why they got involved……….HOUSING???

    • The rides are merely a distraction. The biggest money earners are the music concerts (with many tickets at £50 a person) and the sales of alcohol at similarly inflated prices.

      The opening days and times are restricted – and there will be further restrictions accessing rides on days when music concerts are taking place.

    • Can’t say I’d be bothered if there was housing on the Dreamland site, but then it’s impossible to be nostalgic for things one has never visited.

  2. Went to see the Moody Blues at Merry England in Ramsgate in 1964. Price of the ticket was £5. Equate that up to what you would pay today then £50.00 isn’t bad. ?

    • No-one paid £5 to see a band in 1964. In Hull the following January you it cost 7 shillings & 11 pence, or 8 shillings & 11 pence Bishop’s Stortford in May.

      • I saw Bill Haley at the Woolwich Odeon in 1979 for £2.50 (I just checked my ticket). I wasn’t paying £5 for a concert until well into the ’80s.

        • I paid £4 at charlton football ground in may 76 to see The Who , sensational Alex Harvey band , Little Feat , Outlaws and the Streetwalkers , The only day that summer it rained !!!

          • I remember that Who concert well .
            The previous year in June 1975 I saw at Wembley Stadium ,
            Elton John , The Beach Boys , The Eagles , Joe Walsh , and Rufus featuring Chaka Khan …..
            All on the same bill and all for only £3.50 !
            Around the same time I saw Led Zeppelin at Earls Court for £2.50 !
            And the Rolling Stones at the same venue for the same amount .

  3. Dreamland says it is mainly cashless. Yes, that is why they have been having a fire sale when Arrowgrass called in the debts. Wouldn’t think you could blow through 4 million so fast.

  4. Dreamland was better when Bembom Brothers were running it in the 80s. Those were the good times.

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