Man jailed for stabbing attack in Cliftonville

Raymond Wallace has been sentenced to nine years

A man who attacked his victim in Cliftonville with a sharpened metal pole leaving him with serious injuries has been jailed for nine years.

Raymond Wallace was found guilty of wounding with intent and possession of an offensive weapon following a trial at Canterbury Crown Court.

The 50-year-old, of Cliff Terrace, Cliftonville, was sentenced at the same court yesterday (March 1).

Dalby Square was cordoned off Photo John Horton

Emergency services were called to a flat in Dalby Square in the early hours of Friday 11 February 2022 after a man suffered serious stab injuries. He was taken to a London hospital, where medics provided life-saving treatment.

Witness statements gathered by investigating officers stated that a man had attacked the victim with a metal rod which had a sharpened edge. Further enquiries led to Wallace being identified as the assailant and he was arrested the following day.

The motive for the attack is unclear, but witness accounts suggested it may have resulted from a grudge Wallace formed against the victim.

Detective Constable Samantha Lewis, investigating officer for East Kent CID, said: “This was a shocking attack and we could very easily have been dealing with an even more serious crime.

“Wallace’s actions have shown him to be an extremely dangerous man and I’m pleased he was identified and arrested soon after the offence, and that our investigation has now seen him convicted and removed from the streets of Margate.”


    • “Out of hand” meaning “being ignored by the police”? Because if so, “real world” is wrong, considering what the above article says.

      • Am I too subtle for you, Phyl? Try to read between the lines and not take everything literally.

          • What a silly comment! Before you call anyone a racist (in your imagination, as you have bad thoughts), what are your diplomas in anthropology? Also, define ‘racist’. I’m ‘Not impressed’ with your ramblings.

          • I agree that Katmanndu is probably a racist. Nobody needs a diploma in anthropology in order to recognize racism.Many comments on this newspaper and others have undertones of racism.

  1. Well done Kent police a nice result – Hope the victim makes a full speedy recovery.

  2. Wishing the injured person a super qquick recovery and deal with that scum later.
    Blimey, why has the local area been left to become a crime hotspot ?
    Everyone knows all local crime is not reported, some are very serious crimes resulting in life changing issues. Often adding to more of the above.

    Were doomed

  3. Nine years. Compared to similar crimes reported recently, a very strong sentence. Wonder what could have influenced the much weaker sentences on the other serious injuries crimes…

    Checks photos….


    Stats don’t lie apparently

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