Vandals target motorcycle training school in Broadstairs yet again

Owner Paul Duval says youths set bonfires and brought chairs so they could sit and watch the flames

Vandals have targeted a motorcycle training school in Broadstairs for the third time in a month.

South East Motorcycle Training school, off George Hill Road, has suffered numerous thefts, vandalism and fires over the last few years but this time, thanks to new CCTV cameras, the culprits have been caught on film.

The business has been run by Birchington couple Paul and Kerry Duval since 2002 and they moved to the current site, nears Taddys Barn, in 2010.

The couple provide CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) for riders of bikes up to a maximum of 125cc. They also run bike access courses every morning.

The latest fires have damaged part of the tarmac meaning only one side of the track is currently safe to use.

Paul, who almost caught one of the offenders on Sunday, says the constant damage has cost the couple thousands of pounds and “eventually we won’t be able to afford it anymore.”

In the latest incident overnight between Sunday and Monday, yobs set bonfires, scrawled graffiti and caused other damage at the site.

Dad-of-two Paul said: “I have had the fire brigade out twice and the fires have damaged our tarmac.

“The first thing we have to do when we get here is put any fires out, clean up and sweep up all the glass where they keep smashing bottles. It is just feral kids. They even had chairs out to sit and watch their handiwork with the last fires.

“It has been going on for quite a long time. I nearly caught one Sunday and also a couple of days before that but you think even if you catch them you can’t touch them because they’re kids. The law is always on their side and there is nothing I can do so I don’t even check up there now, I just go in the mornings and wonder what I am going to find.

“I don’t know why they do it, I suppose we are in the middle of nowhere and they are feral kids from the area. Last time I called the police they came from Barham, there’s just not enough police for the area, that’s a government failing.”

Paul, who has been unwell due to the constant stress, says the training school was not the only victim of the latest incident. A wood cutting business had stacked logs burnt and a bee hive business had all the hives smashed, killing the bees.

CCTV, and names which have been given for the culprits, are being given to police.

Paul, 54, said: “Hopefully with images and names maybe their mums and dads can put their hands in their pockets.”

Last month vandals smashed up the classroom portacabin on site and in years previous bikes have been damaged although these are now stored at a separate location with security and CCTV.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police is investigating two reports of criminal damage caused at a commercial premises in George Hill Road, Broadstairs during February.

“Damage was caused to a portacabin on the site which took place between 5pm and 11pm on 1 February 2023.

“It was also reported that between 5pm on Monday 13 February and 9am the following morning, a fire took place externally and graffiti was carried out to the site.

Anyone with information about either incident should contact Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/23650/23.”

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  1. I just do not understand why they do this? ‘ferral’ is right. They have no fear of the law and certainly no respect. On this occasion as they have been caught on cctv I do hope they are prosecuted 😡

    • They probably do it because they’ve got nothing else to do. And before people start getting emotional, I’m not condoning the behaviour, just pointing out that it’s an inevitable consequence of over a decade of austerity. There are no youth services anymore and there’s nothing for teenagers to do if they haven’t got money in their pockets. I also wouldn’t recommend taking the law into your own hands like some of the ‘hardnuts’ on here have suggested- having grown up round here during the ASBO years I’m very aware that a fight with some old fool would be the exact type of excitement they would revel in.

  2. Unfortunately you are right Paul, you cant touch them, but neither will the courts. Maybe your security cameras didnt work for 10 minutes, if you know what I’m saying, ‘I’m sorry officer they must have vandalised the security cameras as well’ 😉

  3. the scum in the pictures do not look like little children to me ? craig will be after everyones vote soon , why does he not step up and demand something is done about this criminal behaviour ?

  4. Paul is such a nice guy, helped me get my big bike licence, so sad this is happening to him but it’s happening everywhere, something very drastic needs doing to sort out these feral brain dead morons, there the first to pi$$ and cry if anything happens to them, don’t assume getting their parents involved will do anything to help, they’re just as bad.

    • Unable to share the footage as embed was not available. You can find it on the SEMT facebook page, link at bottom of article

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