Meet some of the cast and check out the Trotter’s van replica at Dreamland’s Only Fools Day event

See a replica of the Trotter's van original Image Goldfinger at Serbian Wikipedia., CC BY 3.0 RS , via Wikimedia Commons

Meet some of the original cast from the hugely popular 80’s/90s BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses at a special event staged at Dreamland this April.

Only Fools Day takes place on April 1 (April Fools Day) at the Hall By The Sea and will feature re-enactments, Q&A sessions, an auction and raffle to win signed memorabilia, plus a detailed replica of the famous Trotter van.

Ticket holders will also enjoy an audience with selected stars of the show including Daniel Peacock (Mental Mickey), Michael Fenton (Alan Perkins), Steven Woodcock (Jevon), Patrick Murray (Mickey Pearce), Phillip Pope (Tony Angelino), Michael Jayston (James Turner) and Dawn Perllman (Amanda).

The show has a well-known link with Margate and Dreamland due to The Jolly Boys’ Outing special being filmed on location in the town in August 1989.

The episode saw the whole Only Fools and Horses gang journey from their South London home to the Margate Sands with classic moments including Denzil’s ‘disease’, the exploding coach, and Del Boy being reunited with Raquel, it became one of the best loved episodes from the series.

Only Fools Day on April 1 will run sessions at 11am – 1pm and 3pm– 5pm.

All ages welcome, under 14s must be accompanied by an adult (18+).

Tickets are £20 per person, or £25 per person with photo opportunity.

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    • £20 just to see one of the many replica Trotters’ vans ?

      Clearly somebody is having a laugh.

      ”Nice little earner”

  1. Thought it was an April Fools Day Joke-but looks like tickets are on sale. Maybe Dreamland could get the Rolling Stones down-but without Jagger, Richards or Wood & instead have some of their backing singers & session players.

  2. I was working down Dreamland in 1989 when they filmed Only Fools And Horses, was really interesting watching how they film a major TV show like that. Had the pleasure of meeting David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst and several other cast members and had a really interesting chat with them about the show, acting and how they started off. Nicest bunch of guys ever, was a real pleasure to have them in the park.

    • I was also working there Tom, I was part of the team operating the water shoot when Del, Rodney and Uncle Albert were on it. Good Times.

      • Aah the Water Chute, easy to do the platform station but the brake house was a real art to learn. The amount of cars I turned into ‘bucking broncos’ the first few times I tried was scary, luckily I managed to get the hang of it and there wasn’t anyone in the cars at the time … would have been very embarrassing for the head of ride relief to not be able to run all the rides. As you said Good Times.

  3. You want me to give a pony to see these chancers? It’s not surprising that Dreamland won’t get the likes of David Jason or Nicholas Lyndhurst but these are real minor cast members you’ve got coming ‘ere. At least get one of the birds — Raquel, Cassandra or Marlene. You know it makes sense.

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