Power supply lost for trains after yobs throw road signs on track at Broadstairs

The bridge footpath in Broadstairs remains closed

Trains were unable to run between Margate and Ramsgate for several hours last night (February 24) after road work signs were thrown on the track at Broadstairs.

The debris caused a power failure meaning passengers had to use bus services between the stations while the power supply was restored.

It is believed the road signs were thrown from the bridge on Ramsgate Road, by Broadstairs College, which is undergoing work to the footpath due to a crash last September.

Southeastern say: “Staff on site found debris thrown onto the track which caused damage to the power supply.”

A resident in the area also reported a group of youths who threw a traffic cone from the repair works site at her home.


  1. That’s two nights on the trot – not sure if the previous evening was the same problem at the same spot, but wouldn’t be surprised.

  2. I know it is no excuse, but if they repaired the bridge, before June when the permit runs out. After it was extended from December last year. Then there would no signs,or cones to throw.

  3. “Ferals! Wouldn’t have happened in my day, we respected our elders, wokeness has caused this,they should be enlisted. National service never did us any harm”

    Has a quick check in news archives. It DID happen in your day and kids were just as bad and national service did harm many and it’s nowt to do with being awake.

  4. There used to be school lessons on good citizenship and what the consequences could be for vandalism and yobbish behaviour.
    The Conservatives stopped the lessons.

  5. Yeah thanks for that 🤬 Totally ruined my evening after a night out in London. Myself and several others couldn’t get a bus so had the added expense of a taxi. I hope the are found (fat chance)

  6. If you are reading this,you moronic ,pond life vermin(not that you will probably be able to read),you must be really proud of your activities.
    I am sure your feckless parent,(s)will also applaud your vandalism.

  7. To say that the bridge “is undergoing work to the footpath due to a crash last September” is bit disingenuous. I haven’t seen anyone working on the bridge or the roadway and I pass that way three or four times a week.

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