CD of nine year stalking case conviction and appeal files sent to homes in Margate’s Park Place

The CDs were sent to houses in Park Place

People at several properties in Park Place, Margate, have received letters containing a CD full of files related to a stalking case in 1997.

Around five houses in the street – currently under the spotlight due to the Banksy Valentine’s Day Mascara painting – had the CDs delivered to their addresses this morning (February 18). They had been sent from Ireland yesterday.

The files refer to a court case, and consequent appeal bids, and appear to come from a man convicted in 1997 for a nine year stalking campaign.

Patrick Keane, then 34, was found guilty of grievous bodily harm with intent, a charge relating to the psychological damage suffered by his victim.

Keane tracked his 32-year-old victim across Britain in a bid to break up her relationship with another man, who later became her husband. She was forced to give up her career and fled her home three times to escape him, reported the Scotland Herald at the time of the trial.

The trial heard Keane was infatuated with the woman and had tracked down her parents address in Scotland and even hired a private detective to find her after she moved to escape him. Keane also assaulted her partner.

He was sentenced to be detained indefinitely in a secure psychiatric unit.

However, word documents with letters apparently from Keane to the CPS and other organisations show an address in Southern Ireland with details of bids to appeal his case. The appeals have not been granted.

Reports show other people across the country have also received the random CD letters over the years.

A recipient said: “Five or six houses got this CD this morning. It is all about his court case and appeals. There’s a whole lot of documents. There were no names (on the envelopes) just addresses. We wondered if it was because of the Banksy.”


Stalking is illegal and can include being followed or constantly harassed by another person – for example being sent unwanted emails.

Contact the police if you’re being stalked – you have a right to feel safe in your home and workplace.

Call 999 if you or someone else is in immediate danger.

National Stalking Helpline
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