Thanet Job Centres helping to fill roles at Westwood Tim Hortons outlet

Job roles at Tim Hortons Westwood (image Tim Hortons)

Thanet Job centres are working with employers including Tim Hortons, which is currently fitting out its new restaurant and drive-thru in Westwood.

The job centre says the Canadian fast food outlet is looking to employ 103 people in full and part time positions for its opening in the coming months.

Thanet job centres have hosted two recent job fairs with 18 employers and 120 vacancies to fill.

Alongside the Tim Hortons’ jobs are 20 vacancies at the new Cancer Research store due to open at Westwood plus others for G4S patient transport service and Kent Teach and Supply.

Anthony March, from the Thanet job centre service, said: “During the past month Thanet Jobcentres have hosted two job fairs with 18 employers with 150 jobs on offer, including Tim Hortons who are opening a new fast-food food restaurant at Westwood and are currently looking for 103 staff. Cancer Research are also opening at new store at Westwood, recruiting 20 paid staff and will be attending our job fairs.

“To support our customers into work who need additional support we have organised three sector based work academies (SWAP) which started in January and February,

“East Kent College delivered an apprenticeship SWAP which saw nine starts. EK College are also working with Mitie which has over 200 security officer roles. We linked them into an SIA SWAP which saw 13 starts all to be interviewed on the 15th February for jobs.

“To support those into the construction sector we arranged a CSCS SWAP with ESP which had 12 starts all on course with employers offering guaranteed interviews.”

Next month Thanet Jobcentres will deliver a hospitality jobs fair with Broadstairs College which will also tie in with a Hospitality work academy starting February 27.

The fair will be held at the Yarrow Hotel, which is the college hospitality training facility, and 15 local businesses are lined up to take part to recruit for seasonal staff.

Attendance must be arranged through Job Centre work coaches.

If any employers are interested in joining the job fairs contact  [email protected] or [email protected]


  1. what happened to proper jobs and careers that used to produce something ?, but i suppose thatcher put paid to all that.

    • A quote from Bill Gates: “Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your Grandparents had a different word for burger flipping: they called it opportunity.”

  2. 103 jobs at Tim Hortons really ! i really can,t see that number of staff working there also isn,t the Charity shop opening by the New Aldi in the old Argos building ? Its at westwood but not part of WWX.

    • They’ll all be part time so that they don’t qualify for National Insurance.
      That way the employer doesn’t need to contribute either. This is fast becoming the norm for businesses that employ a lot of people. It also means that those working part-time can also claim benefits as they will not earn enough to live on. This will lead eventually to them not having enough contributions to get their state pension. That’s OK though because they’ll be able to claim pension credit instead. No wonder this country is in the mess it is in.

      • Just about sums it up, plus of course if those 103 people were previously not working they’ll magically be counted as employed ( rather than part employed) and so be removed from the unemployment figures.

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