Dog cut off by tide at Westgate rescued by hero with a ladder

The rescuer brought the dog to safety Photo Adam Dark

A dog cut off by the tide at West Bay yesterday (February 9) was rescued by a man using a ladder against a seaweed covered platform.

Ramsgate cyclist Adam Dark was among those  who stopped to watch the drama unfold.

He said: “I was cycling on the prom and noticed a small crowd of people staring at the beach below. I looked over and noticed the tide was in and a dog was stuck on the beach. There was no exit for the dog, no steps, no ladder, nothing it could climb to get back up and the prom was a good 30ft above the beach, too far to reach the dog or jump down.  The tide was coming in and the dog was stressed running from side to side.

“I cycled along the prom to a point where I could reach the beach and it was about 500 yards along the beach and covered with waves. I cycled the other direction and it was the same.

“ I watched as the tide was rising and started to worry. A larger crowd was forming.

Photo Adam Dark

“Suddenly a man arrived with a 3 section ladder. He lowered one section of the ladder to the beach and had to rest it on a seaweed covered platform that looked like it was as slippery as heck.

“ The angle of the ladder was really steep and it was a very real risk it would slide and he would fall. “He took his life in his hands and climbed down to the dog. He picked up the dog under one arm and climbed up the ladder to bring the dog to safety.”


  1. Good work Adam & the man who got the ladder there. 👍. As a dog Walker myself & living on the coast, people need to take note of tide times. It rolls in very quickly, allow yourselves plenty of time to get off the beach please. Remember High tide is when it reaches its full depth at the walls/cliffs not when the tide starts to come in.

  2. Well done to him. A top human; whilst others will question location or even the dog owners because that’s they sort of people they are, he made a difference in the world.

  3. The exact location is important because of an inept owner a human being had to put their health at risk.

    So owner is walking on the promenade whilst their dog runs free on the beach with incoming tide, said owner is to preoccupied to notice the dog is getting into trouble until too late.

    Maybe they should try being responsible as next time it might be them risking their life for their dog!

  4. i dont think i would risk life and limb for a dog , and possibly put the emergency services at risk when they have more important things to do

    • What a wonderful human being you are then, poor old dog, but no clearly not worthy.. its people like you that really need to be quiet on posts like this

    • Where does it say anything about the Emergency services?? They were not called or needed. It was the kindness of Adam who clearly has a heart & compassion for the dog & owner. The ladder was provided by another kind hearted person.
      You just have to find something to criticise in any story you put a comment to. Quite frankly you need to lighten up.

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