Pensioner assaulted by youths at Westgate warden assisted flats

Image Kent Police

A 74-year-old man is being treated at QEQM Hospital after being attacked in the communal area of warden assisted flats in Westgate.

The man was struck and knocked unconscious by youths who, the victim’s stepdaughter says, have been entering Countess Mountbatten Court in Canterbury Road and ‘terrorising residents.’

The furious stepdaughter said: “My stepfather was attacked and knocked unconscious by youths that keep entering the warden assisted flats where he lives with my 87 year old mum. “He confronted them and was beaten and knocked to the ground!.

“He has a bashed up face, broken nose and broken ankle. He is currently at the QEQM being treated for his injuries.

“These youths keep getting in and terrorising the residents and now this.”

Kent Police confirmed officers were called at 5.24pm yesterday (February 7) and are investigating.

A police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to a property in Canterbury Road, Westgate at 5.24pm on Tuesday 7 February following reports that a man had been assaulted.

“Officers, along with SECAMB attended, and he was taken to a local hospital for treatment to his injuries which are not thought to be life threatening/changing.

“Enquiries are continuing into the incident.”

Anyone with information can call Kent Police on 101, quoting reference 46/23933/23.


    • Once they are arrested they need to be named and shamed regardless of their age and their parents held accountable for their poor attempt at parenting.

      If there is CCTV the images need to be released without blurring their faces. All the while feral scum is protected because of their age they will continue to act like thugs and gangsters.

  1. what a disgrace, i hope they are named and shamed if caught , this area is getting worse by the week , i even notice there was a gun on the streets recently

  2. Obviously “warden assisted” is a bit notional. Presumably another housing association pocketing the rents and not giving a stuff about its tenants?

    • “Warden assisted” means that there is someone on site, it doesn’t mean that they act as Security guards or even available at any given moment.

      The kids that did this are to blame, not the person who is the Warden or even the housing association who may not be pocketing rents as the people living there may own the property they live in.

        • Your right Ewan, and Keith, I bought a lease on a Retirement Housing Association flat in Broadstairs some years ago, and it was so badly managed I finally gave up hope, and moved to a bungalow in Ramsgate! That was after I managed to have the Association reimburse the residents £78,000 for over charging, and mismanaging contractors, and the accounts! I knew I was fighting a losing battle though, because the Association and some of the residents tried to make my life, and those who backed me Hell!

  3. Very brave of these feral scum,to attack an elderly individual.They must be extremely proud of their cowardly act.
    Hopefully,the people responsible for dragging up these vermin,will be ashamed of their parasitic offspring;although I very much doubt it.

  4. Police need to take account of mental health more when saying the injuries were not life changing. I highly doubt that. They may not be physically life changing, buy mental health issues, emotional health, are equally important. How can ANYBODY who has been beaten up like this not experience any changes to their mental wellbeing? Let alone a 74 year old?

  5. Regretfully this is becoming common in Westgate. One resident and wife have been terrorised for 2 years by the same group of youngsters. When caught, what is the point of asking the offenders to write a letter of apology only for the youngsters to return and continue their vendetta. One officers response was “I didn’t catch them doing it” the officers suggestion “Install CCTV”

    • Unfortunately the long gone days of the local beat officer knowing who was most likely to have done what , was respected by the residents of the area he patrolled and had their support are long gone. In the pas the officer could have listened to the victim worked out who the culprits were than had a word with the miscreants parents who’d have sorted their own kids out. Or the areas right minded hard men from the pub would have sorted those causing problems out. These days none of that happens and parents are more likely to protect their kids no matter what. So the officer is unfortunately correct he needs irrefutable evidence.
      I’m sure we all remember the days of the kids homes in westgate and the endless bad behaviour associated with them, how many years did that take to get sorted?
      Society has created the world of today.

  6. Tell the scum to come over to my address and see if they can try that with me I will teach the little b______s a lesson

  7. Absolutely awful. My Mum is in Warden assisted accommodation and they expect to be at the very least safe from intruders attacking them. How the hell are they getting in?? They need CCTV and proper locks on the doors. Massive let down from the company running this home.

  8. Perhaps they need to be done to them what they did to that pensioner a good kicking see how they like it …probably run a mile

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