Priory Infant pupils get a taste of life in the castle

Young knights at Priory Infant School

Priory Infant School children in Year 1 have enjoyed a visit from Happening History to bring their Castles topic to life.

They had a taste of what it would be like to live in a castle and were wowed with a variety of hands-on experiences such as trying on a real suit of armour and lifting a full-size, blunt knight’s sword.

In the castle kitchen, cream was churned to make butter, wheat was ground to make flour and a team of busy cooks made sure the spit kept turning. The children learned about the fabrics and dyes used in medieval times and they dressed up as peasants, lords and ladies.

Back in the classroom the children worked in teams to make models of castles and finished off the day learning a traditional medieval dance.

Iris, aged 6 said: “I really liked the cooking and wearing a suit of armour- it was really hard to move!”

Headteacher Tracey Sandy said: “The awe and wonder of such an experience for the children which is essential to bring history to life for our young pupils. Children learn by doing and our Priory staff endeavour to provide these hands- on experiences throughout the year to give our children lasting, happy memories.

“Our wonderful PTFA funded this opportunity for the school and we are ever grateful for their support.”

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