Prayer space project at St Laurence Junior Academy

St Laurence prayer space project

St Laurence CofE Junior Academy has taken part in a two-week, interactive prayer space project for its students.

The prayer spaces, created by Maggie from Active Christianity in Thanet Schools,  included a range of interactive activities centered around themes of hope, gratitude, love, and the memories of loved ones who have passed away.

The tasks provided a personal experience for each student, encouraging them to reflect on their own emotions and experiences related to these topics.

The classes took turns to host each space and take part in the activities, fostering a sense of reflection and thoughtfulness in the children. One of the highlights of the prayer spaces was a task that involved building Lego hearts while reflecting on the people who are important in the children’s lives. A Year 5 student shared that they greatly enjoyed this activity and found it to be a fun and creative way to think about their friends and family.

Mrs Mountjoy, head of RE, was thrilled with the students’ response to the event and said: “It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to connect with their thoughts and feelings in a new and meaningful way. The prayer spaces created provided an immersive and thought-provoking experience for the students at St Laurence CofE Junior Academy, and it was a great success.”


  1. Outrageous – brainwashing kids into religious quackery. Let them grow up and make their own minds up!

  2. very well said , i thought exactly the same , the church must be short of customers having to capture children at school , its not the time or the place

  3. What a couple of extremist degenerates “Veness” and “real world” are, foaming at the mouth like that. It’s the marxist ideal to get rid of the family, of private property, of religion and of good old-fashioned traditions, like going to church! What else do you have against these nice children? Oh I know, they’re white! But I have to defend them against you 2 reds. Shame on you!

  4. If you read the article, it suggests the aim is not to ram religion, but consider Christian values ‘centered around themes of hope, gratitude, love, and the memories of loved ones who have passed away’. Ideals often lacking with society’s focus on hoplessness (just look at the news); selfishness (the world owes ME a living); love (how much do some children understand about what love really is with sexualized behaviour, or being given more ‘stuff’, proporting to be ‘love’); learning to value those we have lost positively etc. All ideals that will stand The children in good stead throughout their lives, whatever their eventual choices and beliefs about God.

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