UB40 featuring Ali Campbell coming to Dreamland

Dreamland Photo Frank Leppard

UB40 featuring Ali Campbell  is coming to Dreamland, Margate this September.

UB40 is the reggae and pop collective responsible for serving up hits including Red Red Wine and Kingston Town.

Formed in the 70s, the band has impressively scored 50 singles in the UK charts throughout its expansive career.

The band released single We’ll Never Find Another Love this year, along with their latest album ‘Unprecedented’.

UB40 featuring Ali Campbell plays at Dreamland on Saturday 30 September with tickets go on general sale this Friday 10 February at 9am via www.margatesummerseries.co.uk.



  1. Well, I saw them at the Winter Gardens a few years ago and they played none of the hits they became famous for.

    I later learned that there are in fact two UB40 groups; surely this incarnation will be the one that will actually play those early hits and not deafen patrons with 7 unnecessary saxophones?

    • People have been saying that about the Stones for decades & the ABBA tour is holograms, as were the Freddie Mercury Queen tours years back. Kraftwerk used to put robots on stage etc.

  2. Tbh if I’d known this was the level of act dreamland would be getting I would have opposed the concerts too.

    Worse noise than the potential freight airport. My thoughts are with the neighbours of dreamland at what must be a difficult and freighting time.


  3. “ Rarely did anything original “ Is that so ?
    Sorry that’s not true ,you don’t know what you’re talking about .Btw..Eric are you Checksfield in disguise ? Lol
    I think that their “ Labour of Love “covers series albums are clearly overshadowing your limited knowledge on UB40 .
    Listen to their first 3 albums which had big hits with original material ( One in Ten , Tyler , King ,
    Earth dies screaming “ and they went on to have other original material hits like “ Rat in my kitchen “. as well as the well known covers hits .
    There’s certainly a lot more to UB40 than their covers of.” Red,red wine” and “ I’ve got you babe “
    Plenty of their subsequent studio albums had loads of original tracks on them ,so what you said was a massive generalised statement ,which was incorrect.
    I think that it’s a shame that the band fractured so acrimoniously , both versions of the band are a watered down version of the original UB40 , although the last album by UB40 was quite a bit of fun .
    For me personally I think the band will miss saxophonist Brian Travers ( RIP) who was very influential in the band

  4. Saxon International would be a far better act in that genre. UB40 not the same any longer. Steel Pulse would be a great replacement, also from Birmingham.

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