Thanet business: ‘Lockdown’ venture makes the move to permanent office base

Tim has taken the business to the next stage

A work from home business set up during the pandemic by a Margate dad-of-three has made the move to offices in Ramsgate.

Tim Johnston began Johnston Marketing in 2020, initially as a work from home business alongside his job in advertising.

But the venture, which offers services including website design, branding and search engine optimisation, proved to be a huge hit with local businesses such as Please Sir burger outlet, The Albion Rooms and Ramsgate FC – prompting Tim to run it full-time from last June.

Tim, who is also known for writing two children’s books that focus on life with autism, said: “Going self-employed or starting a business can be very daunting. There are, of course, risks, but I’ve found that application is crucial.

“I set the business up during lockdown as I always had an interest in marketing, particularly digital marketing , which came from a long career working in advertising. I always wanted to run my own business, it was a long-term aspiration. I also wanted to provide local businesses services which you usually need to go further up the line to procure.

“”Juggling it with family /home life. Being a father of is also tough, so you must learn to get a work-life balance which is the main aim in working for yourself and for your future.

“I have a very supportive family and the local business network is superb.”

Dedication to the service, which was awarded Thanet Academy FM’s business of the month last September, has now resulted in the move to a permanent office.

Tim said: “We’ve assisted hundreds of Thanet based businesses and we’re now able to take meetings in our office. It’s been a great start to the year, working with more businesses than ever before.

“It’s been an amazing move. The new office has really accelerated the business and we’ve only been here for one month.

“What I’ve seen is there are more and more start-ups than ever locally, and with the power of digital marketing, it’s never been easier to own your own business and reach your target audience – whether that be via social media or search engine marketing.

“I’ve been very fortunate to work with many amazing local businesses in Thanet. Although it’s been an extremely difficult three years, I do see lots of optimism with the regeneration of the area. “

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Call 01843 491229

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Unit 22, Leigh Road, Haine Industrial Park, Ramsgate

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  1. Well Done Tim, an inspiration to us All.
    I have also emailed you directly, regarding a business idea I currently have.

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