Super science fun at Upton Junior School

Creating electricity at Upton Junior School

Do you know how a lemon can be used to help generate electricity?

Children at Upton Juniors in Broadstairs have discovered the secret of how citric acid becomes a conducting lemon electrolyte in a simple but fascinating science experiment.

It is part of a super science experience about electricity and all of its uses and applications that has sparked the curiosity of the Year 4 group.

This term’s topic is Light It Up and a variety of activities has already helped enthusiastic pupils to switch on to the subject.

They began their learning circuit by discovering the various types of electricity that is around us in our everyday lives.

They made a lemon battery, explored static electricity, looked at solar electricity and built circuits with a bulb and switch.

Teacher Billie Danson is Head of Year 4. She said: “We introduced this term’s topic work with a special afternoon designed to engage pupils with their learning programme.

“They were very enthusiastic about the activities they enjoyed and were fascinated to discover how electricity works. They are looking forward to exploring the various aspects of Light It Up in the coming weeks.”

These will include investigating the timeline of light, experimenting with different circuits, looking into conductors and insulators and investigating light pollution.

Head of School Darci Arthur said: “This was a great way to launch a new topic for Year 4. It is a challenge for them that will help develop their breadth of knowledge and skills.

“Electricity and is many applications is something that is around us at all times and something that we all use and take for granted. Our children now have a great opportunity to understand all about electricity in greater depth.”