No Southeastern trains to run on latest strike action days

Southeastern trains Photo John Horton

Southeastern and national train services will not run on February 1 and 3 due to strike action being taken.

Southeastern is running a normal timetable on days either side of the strikes, but other train companies may not be able to do so.

Scott Brightwell, Operations and Safety Director at Southeastern said: “If this strike action goes ahead, we’re sorry, but there’ll be no Southeastern train services at all. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience this strike action will cause you.”

Members of Aslef train drivers union and the RMT (Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers) will be taking action on both dates in a dispute over pay, conditions and passenger safety.

If you have an Advance, Anytime or Off-Peak ticket for travel on a strike day you can instead use your ticket on the day before the date on the ticket or up to and including Tuesday 7 February. If the ticket is for a journey that includes the London Underground it will not be valid on London Underground services on an alternative date.

You can claim a full refund with no admin fee for your unused ticket (other than season ticket), if you decide not to travel because the train you intended to use is cancelled, delayed or rescheduled after you purchased your ticket.

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  1. Iirc the company which was operating southeastern f
    ail govia ! was kicked out. citation welcome.
    Now southeastern rail is keeping same livery but its a uk central government run idea
    . Our gov is skint Our health service is offering us a very limited service.
    Maybe train people get free or subsided health treatment need to consider the remainder who have to travel..

    Our gov is skint (val in the victory) told me any uk gov worker striker can be paid what ever they want but the extra income has to be raised on taxation (so far excluding personal taxation).

    So let down with the current union negotiators, Why damage our well respected and beautiful English country ?

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