Happier and Healthier challenge for Newington primary pupils

Challenges for Newington pupils

Children at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate have embarked on a Happier and Healthier Challenge.

The project is aimed at encouraging pupils of all age groups to make small changes to boost their mental and physical health, and support their wellbeing and learning.

Head Teacher Hannah Tudor said: “We hope this challenge shows them that little changes can achieve big results.

“Our aspiration is for all of our children to lead happy and healthy lives.

“We want to encourage good sleeping habits, strategies to promote wellbeing and for our pupils to understand why exercise and a balanced diet is important. And of course, all of these things impact positively on learning.”

Throughout this term children will have challenges set each week in class and at home with a focus on educating and involving them in how to achieve their goals, little by little.

These are focused around sleep, mindfulness, exercise, diet and fun. For example during exercise week the pupils have the chance to do a daily mile- walking, jogging or running around the playing field; during a Digital Detox Day they will work without computer screens being used in class.

Deputy Head Teacher Ms Heaton believes that important lessons can be learnt from the challenge. She said: “Through our curriculum we teach PSHE (personal, social, health and economic education) and wellbeing to all years. This initiative is a fantastic opportunity to bring these classroom learnings to life for our children. We have come up with these ideas to make them accessible for all at school and at home so that everyone is able to take part.”

Small changes made now by the Newington pupils could last a lifetime added Miss Tudor. She said: “Our children’s wellbeing and happiness are fundamental to their academic achievement.

“We are proud to give them opportunities like this challenge that will have far-reaching and positive consequences as they grow and develop in our school community, at home and beyond.”