Callis Grange children explore renewable energy for Eco Day activities

Callis Grange children have been learning about windfarms

Callis Grange Nursery and Infant School children have taken part in their annual ‘Eco Day’. This year’s theme was renewable energy with a special focus on wind energy due to the wind farms that can be seen from Thanet’s shores.

To support the day, visitors from London Array came to the school to lead an assembly. London Array is the world’s largest offshore wind farm and the children enjoyed learning  about wind energy and wind turbines.

The visitors also had time to show off some kit that a wind turbine technician would use. This was the part of the day which the children enjoyed the most. They were able to try life jackets, hard hats as well as harnesses on and see for themselves how heavy the pieces of equipment were.

The children had a great day learning about the significance of renewable energy and why we must all work together to lead a more sustainable life. London Array provided a fun and memorable experience.

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