Police investigating after man attacked by dog in Ramsgate

Margate Road (image google maps)

A man was treated for bite wounds after being attacked by a dog in Ramsgate yesterday (January 26).

The man, in his 20s, was walking home from work when a large ‘Great Dane’ type dog, which was not with an owner, bit him.

A family friend said he suffered puncture wounds to his face, the top of his leg and his lower leg. The incident happened near the turn off for Whitehall Road.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was contacted on the evening of Thursday 26 January and it was reported that, at around 6pm, a man had been bitten by an unattended dog in Margate Road, Ramsgate. The man sustained a leg injury, for which he had attended hospital.

“Enquiries to establish the circumstances surrounding the incident are under way and anyone with information should call Kent Police on 01843 222289, quoting reference 46/16162/23.”



    • The dog was scared!What about the poor,innocent person who sustained a bite mark to the face?You hope the dog is ok!Are you having a laugh?
      The dog needs putting down for that assault.

      • Im sure he will be fine, no long lasting effects, the dog however will probably be destroyed, i dotn have much time for people, well wife and kids etc yeah, but i doubt the dog can give a verbal explanation of what happened.. just a lethal injection to look forward too

        and to be fair, its a slow day at home, and my dont a lot of people get triggered easily

        • No long lasting effects, how do you know he won’t be traumatised for years to come, and people get triggered easily with stupid people like you with stupid comments.
          If it’s a slow day for you, why don’t you do something, like doing something good for others?
          Probably to much hassle!

          • ok if you say so..
            Point is, no one has reported the full facts, cant pass judgment on the dog for its actions unless you know if it was provoked or for any toehr reason, everyones straight in with the “get it destroyed”
            And i do plenty of good for others, i just cant stand people who are clearly anti dog jumping on the poor dog without actual facts..something thsi rag has no real grasp on

        • You are the one that came jumping in saying you hope the dog is Okay before anyone else. Why didn’t you just say you hope both dog and man are okay? You were after a reaction obviously and that is what you got.

        • Seems like you’re the one “triggered easily” and you’re projecting that onto others. Especially given your own admittance to being anti social and having little time for others than your immediate family.

    • Why do you care about the dog? Poor guy is just walking home after a hard day of work and he gets attacked by one of the biggest dogs there is

    • Eric. Agreed. That could easily have been a young. I cannot believe that idiotic and uncaring comment from Wevsky.

    • speculation, as ever the reports on this are hardly accurate and full of any real info .Thing is, you dont know any of the circumstances leading up to this dog biting the human, if the full facts come out and the dog is a danger then yes sadly it would have to be destroyed.Im all for giving animals especially dogs the benefit of doubt

  1. would you say that if you wife or kids had been on receiving end instead I understand what your saying because I’m an animal lover before most people but I really do hope the young man is doing well and hope the dog is reunited with their family and of course I really hope the dog wasn’t hurt to cause this young man’s injuries and hope the dog does get a second chance

    • I agree in part, but my wife and kids have been brought up around dogs. unless this was an unprovoked attack by an out of control dog then chances are there is more to it.

  2. i have never heard so much nonsense ” the dog was confused or scared ” like others have said what about the poor victim ? imagine if it had been a child ,i say find the dog and shoot it! then ban the owner from keeping another one of these things

    • Find the dog and shoot it. and there you have the utter one sided crap id expect.
      Do you know the full facts, do you know this is a viscous dog attacking , do you know if the dog was provoked, how about you live in the real world were people find out whats happened before condemning a dog to death..
      It wasnt a child, imagine if you showed some compassion for animals..

      • Who was it, without any knowledge of the full facts, said “Dog was probably sacred and confused”?
        What is a fact is that a chap walking along the road was subject to an attack by an out of control dog, resulting in the chap having to go to hospital

        • “Probably2 and thats me thinking the best for the dog, you know being a compassionate human being towards animals an all!


          “a man had been bitten by an unattended dog in Margate Road, Ramsgate. The man sustained a leg injury”

          where does it say out of control..

        • The dog was 100% scared and afraid. A happy dog does not attack people. Dogs do not have the same complex decision making processes humans do. I’m surprised you don’t know this.

          It’s not opinion; it’s scientific fact.

          If a dog is loved, cared for and trained properly it will not attack anyone. Again this isn’t opinion it’s fact. They are a domesticated animal.

          Honestly I can’t believe the comments.

          People are being failed by the education system.

        • Now that is a pointless comment
          “sarcastic tone ” ? wtf is that about
          if your sarascm is that crap that you need to point it out, id give up..

    • I did indeed, nothing you said made any sense to trigger me, more confusing attempt at, well i don’t know.

      Now i may just unfollow this and get about my day..

  3. Seriously hope the person is ok and that the dog and its owners are dealt with appropriately!.

    Also hope the person isnt emotionally scared by this and won’t be scared around dogs!.

  4. The Times recently published that over 8,600 people received NHS treatment for injuries caused by dogs for the year up to last April! There were also 1700 attacks by dogs on postal workers! And ten people were killed! This dog sounds like it may be a Rhodesian Ridgeback, which originated from Great Danes, crossed with African Wild dogs! I know of someone who had 4 of these confined inside a 2 bed semi-detached bungalow, and they have a child of about 8 or 9! The dogs never receive any physical or mental stimulation, and have escaped on a number of occasions, fortunately not causing any harm and were recaptured! These dogs have not been socialised so could easily tear another dog to pieces in seconds, or a child, or even an adult! Why keep a dog if you can’t look after it properly! Should these dogs escape and injure or kill a child etc, the police would take action for having a dog dangerously out of control. However, if someone reports the owners to the police for ill treating the dogs this way, which they are because they would be in contravention of the Animal Welfare Act, the police would take no action except to refer them to the RSPCA. The RSPCA would also take no action, as they have a policy not to accept cases unless in an emergency and the dog was likely to die, according to a letter I have from the RSPCA! The police should NOT be referring the public to the RSPCA, because it is a charity, not publicly accountable, and is not a branch of the police who have no control over it. If the police did their job and took action whenever anyone reports a dog is being ill treated, instead of fobbing people off by referring people to the RSPCA, then perhaps hundreds, if not thousands of mainly pre-school children would not be attacked by the family dog! I am a former elected RSPCA Trustee!

    • Amen Dumpton.

      I’m flabbergasted by the ignorance of the replies.

      I guess Dogs are just the same as the DLFs and boat people…. Should be shot on sight to many.

      What a sad world we live in.

  5. People struggle to look after themselves, living in a run down council house and then decide to get a massive hunting dog. Never walking it, keeping it inside whilst they smoke all day. I’ve seen it with my own eyes growing up in thanet. People get dogs like it is trophy and not a living being that needs interaction and attention. This is completely the owners fault for buying a powerful dog and not training it. Only an untrained dog would run away from home or the owner. They should just ban all dangerous dogs unless you can get a licence to show you are a capable owner.

  6. Around the time the Tory MP Michael Howard (Now a lord!) was introducing the Dangerous Dogs Act in the early 90’s, I contacted him and said there is no point trying to identify the breed of a dog, to identify it as a “dangerous dog”. Dogs rely on their strength, and size when attacking another dog, and its the larger, heavier dog that will win! I suggested that dogs should be classed by their weight, and if they exceed say 10kg, then it should be considered a Dangerous Dog! Howard didn’t reply! There are thousands of unlicensed dog breeders out there, and I despair at the gullible idiots who spend hundreds, if not thousands of pounds buying them! There are thousands of unwanted dogs locked up in kennels that need a good home, so go get one of these, and save yourselves a lot of money!

  7. It is possible to have empathy for the person who was bitten AND the dog who may have been lost and scared. Why is this so hard for people?

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