Harbour & Tide beach shop gets ready to open permanent store in Margate

Katy, shown at the Harbour & Tide pop-up formerly in Addington Street, is now moving to a permanent base

A sustainable beach goods shop which started as an idea during the covid pandemic is getting ready to open at its first permanent home.

Harbour & Tide sells beach essentials and other goods with the focus being on quality, reusable goods, plastic free packaging or natural, recycled and recyclable materials.

It has been operating as a pop-up shop and also a concession in Ramsgate’s Union Yoga but will soon open the doors at the former Mahal Kita flower shop in Margate’s Fort Hill.

The business was created by fashion stylist and art director Katy Lassen, who has lived in Ramsgate with her family for six years.

During the pandemic, work and child care placements came to a halt and Katy began to focus on spending time with her young daughter.

The beach was the obvious destination and this planted the seed of the idea for Harbour & Tide.

Katy said: “That summer my priority was my family. I’m self-employed and did not throw myself to get back into styling. We were spending time on the beach and looking around I thought there was nowhere to get nice things for the beach and that was a gap in the market for Thanet even though it’s a coastal resort.

“My background is fashion but I had started to become disillusioned, it’s so bad for the planet with constantly refreshing trends meaning we buy new things we do not need.

“I think a retail concept of sustainability and quality is important, providing things you can use for years. So much stuff for the beach is plastic, it breaks and it goes to landfill and into our sea.”

Katy also started sea swimming at the Western Undercliff in the winter of 2020 and says this inspired her further.

She said: “It is an amazing community of people and  gave me more inspiration to make a life change and have a business where I could work in Thanet.”

Katy, who also publishes a fashion magazine, said she had always wanted to have a shop and was keen to get away from London life.

Originally from Cumbria, Katy said she had ‘reached her limit’ with the noise and pollution of the capital and wanted to be somewhere with ‘fresh air.’

Ramsgate was chosen due to good commuter links, meaning Katy and her partner could travel to work.

The pandemic brought about changes, including the growth of home-working, which eventually made a new direction possible.

Harbour & Tide opened as a pop-up in Broadstairs in June last year and a website for online orders launched in the August, alongside a new pop-up in Addington Street.

The concession at Union yoga began in November and now the aim is to open the new shop this March.

Union yoga concession

Harbour & Tide, which continues to operate an online shop with collection, has items ranging from beach wear to reusable drink bottles, lunch boxes, home and beauty products, beach toys and more.

Katy said: “This shop became available and it ticked all my boxes even though Margate wasn’t originally the plan. Having traded in Broadstairs and Ramsgate, and soon Margate, I can see they are three very different communities.

“Maybe there is scope in the future to have an outlet in all the towns but at the moment my focus is on the (Margate) shop and maintaining the concession and I’m really excited about joining the growing number of independent shops in Margate and being part of the community.”

Find Harbour & Tide

Online here

On facebook and instagram

At Union yoga, 25-27 Queen Street, Ramsgate

And due to open in March at 38 Fort Hill, Margate



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  1. Seems like most of the items being sold are made in UK. They need to confirm this on each item though as some there is no mention at all. When I see this I immediately think that those items are made in China.

  2. I would have liked the new shop to open in Ramsgate too. I’m not going to travel to Margate to buy my beach stuff…

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