Haddon Dene children take part in Skip2bfit challenge

Haddon Dene pupils Skip2bfit

Skip2bfit fun has been enjoyed by children at Haddon Dene school in Broadstairs with former pupil David McCormack leading the workshop.

Children took part in a skipping challenge and all received a box of superfood blueberries to encourage healthy eating.

A school spokesperson said: “We were delighted to welcome Haddon Dene old boy, David McCormack, back to lead this superb initiative, promoting physical activity and healthy living within the school environment with a specific focus on skipping.

“Each year group took part in the event, climaxing in a two minute challenge of completing as many skips as possible to motivational music.

“This extravaganza of skipping took place in the sports hall, overseen by Mrs Crompton and Miss Dyer.  The children engaged superbly and much fun was had by all.

“The top performing pupils in each year group were:

Year 1 – Arabella Dolan-Crowley (75 skips)

Year 2 – Lucas Alifrangis (138)

Year 3 – Lucio Corbani (156)

Year 4 – Darcey Page (144)

Year 5 – Stan Shoring (215)

Year 6 – Ava Harris (205)

Year 7 & 8 – Rio Goddard (274)

“Some staff, namely Mrs Crompton, Miss Dyer, Mrs Brown and Mr Franklin, also attempted the challenge.  Fortunately, the staff results have been “misplaced”.  Very well done to all of the pupils for engaging so wholeheartedly with the event and our thanks go to the Skip2bfit team for visiting our school.”

Any schools that would like to inspire their children into skipping with the fun Skip2Bfit challenge and free blueberries can contact the team on [email protected]  or 01843 603020.