Council rejects bid to build homes on Broadstairs memorial tree site

Chestnut Drive plot Photo Sue Wall

A bid to build two homes on a green plot of land in Broadstairs which was previously sold at auction by Taylor Wimpey has been refused.

The plot in Chestnut Drive is one of two auctioned despite the sale initially being halted following a plea from residents, a councillor and the town tree warden who want both sites preserved as green space.

A planning application for the plot was submitted last year requesting permission to build two 3-bed houses.

Both plots, which are on the estate built by Wimpey in 1972, are marked as Green Space in the town’s Neighbourhood Development Plan and the district Local Plan. The land off Chestnut Drive is also the site of a memorial tree planted for a resident of the estate who walked there every day.

A CGI of the proposed houses

Twelve objections from the public were lodged against the applications, including one from the son of the man who the memorial tree was planted for.

Amongst the issues raised was the lack of reference to Tree Preservation Orders at the plot, the green space, lack of parking and  a loss of recreational space.

Ward councillor Mike Garner called the application in to be considered by the planning committee due to the concerns raised.

Broadstairs Town Council also objected, recommending refusal on grounds include the TPOs and the plot’s designation as green space.

The Broadstairs Society echoed that view and added that it appeared to be a “speculative” application.

In a report to councillors on the planning committee, refusal was recommended. The report said: “Currently there is a need for housing in Thanet and the proposed dwellings would provide a contribution to the district’s housing supply, however two dwellings is a small contribution and the harm resulting from the impacts of the development upon the loss of local green space, insufficient information on matters pertaining to ecology and biodiversity net gain, trees and the special protection area would outweigh the benefits of the additional dwellings.”

Cllr Mike Garner

Cllr Garner said he was pleased the application had been rejected. He said: “I’m really pleased that the planning department has listened to residents’ concerns and refused permission to build on this land.

“It is important for us to protect this, and all other open green spaces on the estate, including the land off The Silvers, for use by the whole community and I’ll continue to work with resident’s groups to do this.”


  1. One of the problems with building more new homes in Broadstairs is, Broadstairs is a seaside town, and its not a very big area, and it’s not designed for heavy traffic.
    Plus in the winter months there isn’t enough work for to many people.
    There is quite a few empty properties in the area already, so try letting those properties, or selling them.
    All these property developers are interested in is making money, and nothing else, plus it means more money to the council.

  2. Yes it’s great news, but if this tree was a memorial to the Hollowcause (as the one in Madeira park), no-one would have dared to touch the site.

  3. NIMBYS. Lack of suitable houses, lack of rentable houses, lack of affordable houses, but all is good because Broadstairs keeps this memorial tree…

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