Nominations invited for Ramsgate Design Awards 2023

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Are you responsible for one of Ramsgate’s grand designs? Isle group, the Ramsgate Design and Heritage Forum, is inviting people to nominate the town’s best buildings for the Ramsgate Design Awards 2023.

The Ramsgate Design and Heritage Forum is an independent group, supported by the Ramsgate Society, that encourages good new architecture and the restoration of the town’s historic buildings. It advises Thanet District Council on planning matters in the town’s Conservation Areas.

For the 2023 awards, it is working with The Ramsgate Society, and has the support of  Ramsgate Town Council. The awards will recognise and celebrate buildings, spaces, shops, and places that are valued by the local community and show the very best design and construction. New buildings can be nominated, but as the architecture industry responds to the climate emergency, there will be an extra focus on repairing the old.
This year’s competition will give awards in eight categories, with additional awards for the best overall winners in four categories.

For residential buildings, judges are looking for the best newbuild and the best retrofit or restoration.

The same categories will apply for commercial buildings, with special awards for best retail and hospitality, best workspace, and best pop up or meanwhile use.

There will also be a Thanet award for best building or project across the district.

Overall winners will be announced for the best conservation project, the most environmental and sustainable project, and the greatest contribution to public realm and placemaking. One project will be chosen as Building of the Year.

The independent judging panel will be appointed by the Ramsgate Design and Heritage Forum, and will be chaired by Dan Thompson, a social artist, writer, and Ramsgate resident who has previously been Lay Assessor for the RIBA South East Awards. Judges will assess projects on criteria including the quality of the design, quality of construction, environmental impact and sustainability, accessibility and contribution to placemaking.

The Ramsgate Society, a Civic Society formed in 1964 to save historic buildings from demolition, has always had an interest in promoting the best design and good conservation practice. They have supported the creation of Conservation Areas in Ramsgate, Pegwell, Royal Esplanade, and Montefiore, and the appreciation of the town’s 442 listed buildings.

The Ramsgate Society last held design awards in 2018 and The Falstaff, a boutique Hotel on Addington Street, was selected as overall winner.

For more information about the awards or about the Ramsgate Society, and to access the nomination form, visit

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  1. Am I responsible for one of Ramsgate’s grand designs? No I don’t think I’ve built anything grand in the last three hundred years. However, if the question pertains to whether I would like to nominate a beautiful building, especially if the structure is within the ‘golden mean’, then I would point to the very attractive (IMHO) Alexandra Hotel sandwiched between the dreadful Bingo on one side, and the Oak Hotel on the other. I particularly like the three-tier balconies.

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