Thanet JobCentre Plus: Recruitment for Tim Horton’s and Mitie and upcoming employment fair

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Ramsgate and Margate job centres are working with a number of organisations to fill vacancies.

Among those with jobs to offer is Canadian fast food chain Tim Horton’s which is due to open its new site at Westwood this year.

The restaurant/drive thru is currently recruiting for positions. Cancer Research is also looking for staff the man its new store at Westwood Cross which will open in March.

Both firms will be attending the next JobCentre employment fair in Ramsgate on January 25 with interviews taking place at the centre in February.

Mitie Security is also working with the job centres to recruit for some 200 roles at sites in Manston and Dover.

Anthony March, from the Thanet job centre service, said: “We are working closely with Mitie Security, who are currently recruiting over 200 members of staff across Manston and Dover for their Perimeter Security Officer positions.

“As these roles require candidates to hold an SIA licence, we are working with East Kent College to run courses for customers to gain this qualification.

“2023 is a great year for Thanet’s buoyant labour market, with exciting opportunities in the retail and hospitality sectors. Cancer Research is opening a new superstore at Westwood Cross in March, hiring around 20 paid staff members as well as volunteers. “As well as this, we are teaming up with Canadian chain Tim Horton’s, who will be opening their first site in Thanet later in the year, to support their local recruitment.

“Both companies are attending our next job fair in Ramsgate on 25th January, with onsite interviews taking place in the jobcentre next month.

“Amid the growing demand in the care sector, we are also working in partnership with local care company Turning Point to fill their full-time and part-time support worker roles.

“They will be conducting interviews on February 2 in Margate and February 9 in Ramsgate. On top of this, we are holding two job fairs in our jobcentres every month with several more events and employment opportunities to come throughout the year.”

A jobs fair in Margate Jobcentre on January 11, resulted in employers such as Kent County Council and Adecco speaking to 88 people about their vacancies and offering over 20 follow up interviews. Among those in attendance were Border Force, who spoke to 17 customers and signposted them to their upcoming Open Days and website to apply.

Staff also have access to a range of training courses to offer those out of work the chance to learn new skills to help them into work.

Courses include SIA licence for security work, CSCS card for construction, rail track engineering courses and employment support courses for those over the age of 50 who struggle in the jobs market.

Anyone interested in attending a jobs fair should speak to their JobCentre work coach to book a space.

Anyone who would like information or is an employer looking to recruit new staff can email [email protected]

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  1. Fast food centre and Cancer Research – oh the irony of detriment to health from highly processed food with some carcinogenic ingredients.

  2. So, is Thanet unemployment a myth? There is work out there, but only in the service industries by the look of things. Nothing wrong with that if you like stacking shelves, or serving fast food.

    • A good point, Dumpton. Not to mention the fact that all these jobs, Care work, security and fast food, are among the lowest paid. Many takers will be eligible to claim Benefits to make it worthwhile.
      So, we, the taxpayers will be subsidising the companies’ bank balances so that they open up new workplaces. In effect, we are paying employers to employ people at much cheaper rates than they would have to if they were actually properly resourced.
      Some of the richest people in the country grow rich off the taxpayer. But you never hear about them when discussing so-called “Benefit scroungers”.

      • So, Gumption and Keefogs, what kind of jobs do you expect the uneducated, unskilled population to hold? 🤦🏻‍♂️

      • What does “controlling migrants” even mean? There is a labour shortage in the UK due to skilled EU workers leaving after the Referendum, which makes them unable to work here any longer, Duuurh! Many GB Hi Tech companies have moved to the EU costing thousands of jobs! The small minority of xenophobic know nothings, fell into the hands of cheap politicians who only wanted power, and not for what is best for Britain. Now we are suffering as there have been no advantages as a result of leaving the EU, but plenty of costly disadvantages! Mark Carny for years head of the Bank of England said about the economic consequences of Brexit, in 2016 the British economy was 90% of that of Germany, now its less than 70% and falling (I Newspaper 26/10/22)

  3. the continued racist comments bu a few of the ‘regulars’ on the site get really tiring and, whats more disturbing, seemingly get allowed with no concern from ‘management’. Regardless of the topic, its guaranteed that migrants, asylum seekers will get their share of hate.

    Oh well. Thanet, I suppose.

      • Sure, if grown adults controlled everything they should, then what a wonderful world this would be. But in the meantime, we have to have mechanisms in place when they do what they shouldn’t. What are you going to do when the Online Safety Bill is passed?

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