Proposal for traffic safety measures at ‘dangerous’ Approach Road junction scrapped

Traffic safety measures will not be installed at the junction

Proposals to install traffic safety measures at the Dane Road/Approach Road junction in Margate have been scrapped.

Cliftonville West ward councillors had hoped for a kerb build out and double yellow lines would be installed after changing an initial request for a zebra crossing due to KCC saying criteria was not met for a crossing.

There have been four traffic accidents reported around the junction over the last four years.

Kent County Council opened a consultation on the scheme last year but says the changes will not be implemented following objections.

Councillors Alan Currie, Heather Keen and Harry Scobie

A statement from ward councillors Alan Currie, Heather Keen and Harry Scobie says: “We are very sorry to announce that despite a strong campaign by us and support from local residents, the proposed traffic safety works of a kerb build out and double yellow lines at the dangerous junction on Dane Road and Approach Road by Dane Park has been scrapped by the KCC road safety project manager with agreement from KCC Cliftonville Councillor Lesley Game.

“Apparently this decision was made due to there being nine objections from the public and only seven in favour of the proposed works after a recent public consultation.

“We are not only surprised but upset this decision has been taken as there is no doubt in our minds that this traffic spot, where pedestrians take their lives in their hands when trying to get to and from Dane Park, is a serious accident waiting to happen.

“We originally requested a zebra crossing but were informed that the kerb build out and double yellow lines would be sufficient. It seems that this is no longer the case.”

Cllr Currie has now  contacted the KCC traffic safety manager to ask him to reconsider the decision and requested that if the kerb build out is not agreeable then double yellow lines covering 10m at the crossing point on either side of the road would improve safety.

A Kent County Council (KCC) spokesperson said: “In response to local concerns we investigated whether a formal crossing point might be installed.

“This included a dropped kerb with a kerb alignment and buildout to facilitate pedestrians crossing at this point.

“A public consultation was held with the majority of respondents saying they were against the proposed works.

“Following a review and discussion with the local KCC Member, the decision was taken not to proceed with the proposal.”

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  1. Please note i am NOT the county councillor for that area of cliftonville and have supported labour district councillors in cliftonville in their efforts to make approach road safe. Unfortunately the conservative county councillor in that area does not take a similar view

    • When have Cons/Labs EVER agreed or worked together as a team to the benefit of Margate? We need more Independent Councillors in seats who work for the benefit of the people of Margate AND NOT for Politics.

      • The decision to scrap the proposed works has ultimately been made by the politically neutral KCC traffic safety manager. I’m hopeful that he will look again at the situation and reverse his decision.

  2. At the very minimum, double yellow lines running 10-15m on either side of the crossing point are needed to improve safety for pedestrians and motorists alike. I am shocked that these proposed traffic works were quietly pulled by KCC. Myself and my fellow Cliftonville West Labour Councillors were not even informed of the decision after requesting the work in the first place.

  3. I live near here and witness many cars drift into the right hand lane in order to negotiate the sharp left turn (going down Approach Road) without crossing the right hand lane on Dane Park Road. That is dangerous in itself.

    The LHS pedestrian bit could potentially be improved by using stairs at the point where the pavement runs out (again, down Approach Road).
    Currently you would have to have the foresight to cross over to the right-hand side and negotiate a long length of railing just for the advantage to cross with a better view left and right.

    Double yellow lines or chicanes will not help.

  4. It’s a nasty junction, anyone that knows it is unlikely to choose to turn left . Would a simple improvement not be just to make it a “no left turn “ junction. The standard of parking arounf there as the picture shows is woeful and obstructs the pathway. But putting up bollards in the absence of yellow lines would end up making it pretty much a single carriageway road. The article mentions 4 accidents in the vicinity , from memory were two of these not the result of dangerously irresponsible driving? Were any actually at the junction? Details of the objections would have been interesting and maybe enlightening.

  5. Why are the cars not got a ticket as they are breaking the law nice big payday
    does no one know the law when parking on the street

  6. sadly motorists have little or no appreciation of the needs of elderly and disabled residents or of families with young children . In towns you should not need to drive at speeds that endanger others too. Inconsiderate drivers might force KCC to impose 20 mph limits throughout towns and villages. What do KCC councillors and Thanet MPs think?

  7. I have led the campaign for lower and safer speed limits in Margate even after opposition from a vocal small minority of drivers who think they “own” the road. Margate seafront is a safe area now for pedestrians, hospital area and dane valley around the children s centre will hopefully follow suit.unfortunately some other thanet county councillors have not followed my lead (karen constantine is pro 20 miles campaigner)

    • I’m pro-20 mph, but ONLY if there are speed bumps every where. Just putting signs up never works (a while back they lowered the speed for the Herne Bay turn-off on the A299, but absolutely no-one obeys it).

    • The counter argument is to ask for statistics on accidents where driving at 30mph properly is seen to be a hazard, as against the number of accidents that resulted from excess speeds / poor driving. Not forgetting of course the incidents that occur where it’s not the vehicle or driver that was at fault.
      Decisions made on full and open analysis of all the data is perfectly sensible, knee jerk reactions to events where the additional restrictions would have been ignored just as existing ones are is pointless. Is someone happy to do 60 in a thirty under the influence , going to take any more attention to a 20 sign?

  8. Since when did ‘politically neutral’ KCC officers decide that such important matters would be decided on a count of letters for or against? Absolute nonsense – this is an objective matter, it is obvious there is danger to life and they should deal with it accordingly.
    I have experience of KCC officers making strange and unjustified decisions seemingly to appease particular individuals, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is more to this.

  9. Sadly, following a request by myself and my fellow Labour Cliftonville West Councillors for KCC to reconsider their decision, KCC Highways have doubled down and informed us they will not proceed with any safety work at this junction. Their reason now being that there has been no recorded personal injury crashes at this spot in the last three years. We feel that since a zebra crossing or a kerb build out is not agreeable to KCC, then at the very minimum, double yellow lines running 10m-15m on either side of the crossing point are required to provide a safe place for pedestrians. We will now pursue this course of action.

    • KCC Highways seem to be an obstinate, arrogant, remote bunch who have little regard for policy or local opinion unless it coincides with their own opinions or priorities.

  10. Who would police the double yellow lines in any case? There are very few Council Wardens for Thanet and they spend all their time collecting fees from people who haven’t paid for their parking tickets in Pay and Display. There is bad parking all over Thanet with vehicles parked on corners with yellow lines every day without penalty. It’s even worse in the Summer months when trippers come down and abandon their cars on pavements all over the place. It’s not a police matter anymore.
    KCC need to prioritise where personal injury incident have taken place. I know of several in Thanet but they still are not enough to warrant changes due to the expense of a pot of paint and a worker.

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