Southern Water ‘manning’ the pumps after Broadstairs properties left without supply again

Southern Water

Southern Water says staff are “manning” the pumps after another failure at the Rumfields tower left properties in the Broadstairs and Westwood areas without water again.

It is the third outage in less than a month.

Supply was interrupted last week due to a technical fault with the pumps and in December properties were without water for around 3 days following a burst main at the site.

A Southern water spokesperson said:  “We’re sorry for the disruption customers in Broadstairs experienced today.

“A failure at our booster pump station meant water was not being pumped through the network causing low pressure and loss of water.

“The pumps are now running and we are manning the site to ensure resilience.”


  1. When will our MPs come out from their bunkers about the profit makers who do not attempt to rectify these recurrent problems?

  2. All this is down to a serious lack of investment with massive profits going to shareholders!
    I am not privy to what has caused this outage, nobody is and Southern Water are keeping that closely to the ‘company’s chest’. However, being involved in the standby power generation business for many years myself brings me to think that there are either no standby pumps fitted on site, no standby generators in case of power supply failures or a system where manual control can take over if electronic controls fail. Costs money, I know, but we pay enough as customers to expect these systems to be in place and no noticeable interruptions to our water supply.
    Shareholders won’t lose their dividends, will they?

  3. A feature of privatisation all over the water network in the UK. No completion and no reason to improve things at all. With a toothless overseer things will never improve I am afraid. MPs don’t give a fig about this so ask them come next election. They are toothless as well.

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