Ramsgate pensioner Terry Price who was victim of funeral fund theft loses battle with cancer

Terry Price Photo Zoe Norman

A Ramsgate pensioner who had his funeral fund stolen by cruel burglars has sadly died.

Terry Price had stashed some £3,000 in his home which he had planned to use to pay for his funeral and wake but this was taken when his home was ransacked in November.

The plight of Terry, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2019, was met with a huge surge of support by the public with a fundraiser, set up by his neighbour Zoe Norman, smashing through the £500 target to raise more than £8000.

The former market trader, who also suffered with arthritis, decided to donate some of the funds to an animal charity.

The 66-year-old dad passed away on Thursday (January 12).

He had saved the money was for his funeral costs and a wake at Furey’s bar in Ramsgate.

Zoe said it was with “a heavy heart” that she had to announce Terry’s passing.

She added: “Tel was diagnosed in 2019 with terminal cancer. He kicked the ars* of that for 3 and half years before losing his great fight on Thursday, surrounded by loved ones.

“The trauma from the burglary really didn’t help his mental health in his last few months but between us and few other special people we did all we could and got him through, Along with the help from the gofundme page he knew that there is more good people than bad and he and I are ever so grateful for that.”

Zoe said Terry, who she described as a ‘diamond geezer,’ had specific wishes for when he passed for a non attendance funeral, no flowers and no religious words. A selected few people will be invited to the wake.

Zoe added: “ He’s now at peace, pain-free and with his beloved wife Kay.”

Following an investigation by East Kent Criminal Investigation Department, Mark Queen, aged 31 and of Gordon Road, Margate, was charged with conspiracy to burgle.

At a hearing this month he admitted one count of domestic burglary and is expected back in crown court in February.

Paris Campbell-Mitchell, 26, of Ramsgate was also charged with conspiracy to burgle and is due in magistrates court on January 19.


  1. doubt vey much that if these ” people ” are even convicted will be punished accordingly , they no doubt contibuted to this mans demise

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