Expected eight week disruption on Margate roads due to gas main works

Road closure

Gas main replacement works mean eight weeks of road closures, restrictions and diversions in Margate.

The works are taking place from today (January 16) and are expected to last until March 10

The A254 Ramsgate Road is closed northbound from the junction with QEQM Hospital access road to the junction of B2052 College Road.

The alternative route is via A254 Ramsgate Road, A254 Margate Road, A256 Westwood Road, A255 Dane Court Road, A255 St Peters Road, B2052 College Road and vice versa.

Nash Court Road is closed at its junction with A254 Ramsgate Road.

The alternative route is via Nash Court Road, Nash Lane and vice versa.

A left hand turning restriction is imposed on Salmestone Road, St Augustine’s Avenue and St Andrews Close, restricting traffic turning onto A254 Ramsgate Road.

A right hand turning restriction is imposed on QEQM Hospital access road and Perkins Avenue, restricting traffic turning onto A254 Ramsgate Road.

A no waiting restriction is temporarily in place on A256 Westwood Road from outside number 107 to the junction with Northwood Road.

During the works Margate-bound Stagecoach Loop and 8 services will not be running on Ramsgate Road.

For services at Westwood Gateway, Gordon Road, B&Q, Farley Road, Pilgrims Hospice and QEQM, passengers are asked to use buses towards Westwood Cross and then change for connecting services to Margate.

For services at Alexandra Road a temporary bus stop has been placed opposite Watling Tyres.


    • It would seem the road from Ramsgate to the QEQM is open! I went to the hospital yesterday from Ramsgate by taxi, and returned by the Loop, no problems.

  1. Signs are up for gas pipe replacement work,from the st Peters roundabout to the main roundabout at Westwood cross due to run until mid March brilliant planning

  2. So. These gas mains. How long have they been there and precisely why are they being replaced wholesale?
    Is this about necessity? Or, is it about Suits in offices doing risk assessments and Suits in other offices deciding to pay Suits in yet more offices vast amounts of taxpayer money to artificially stimulate The Economy and keep the unemployment figures down?

    • I think it may be metal pipes need replacing with plastic to enable the switch over to hydrogen mix – why don’t these companies explain why they’re doing stuff?

  3. usual crap in thanet nothing to see here….move along now…
    i bet it can be done in 4 weeks or less if they work through the night and not finish at 2pmish

    This will shut down Thanet for those 8 weeks, daytime movement between Margate and Ramsgate which is always busy at the best of times will be virtually impossible.
    As for getting to QEQM from Ramsgate or Broadstairs in an emergency, it will be quicker to go to Ashford!
    Using St. Peter’s and College Roads in Margate as a diversion?, somebody is having a giraffe – it is bad on that route at the best of times..
    There must be a better way, there must be!

    • The Loop between Ramsgate and Margate via Broadstairs and St Peters is running as per usual.
      Just how you get to QEQM from Ramsgate or Margate is a mystery.

      • From margate it goes to QEQM if you are travelling from ramsgate the loop or 8 goes the st Peter’s road also the 34 goes there to from ramsgate am not sure about the 35 bus as since the start of January 2023 there have brought back the 37 bus from st Peter’s co op to broadstairs

  5. I don’t know what it is with the gas people. Electricity or water seem to dig a hole and get on with it. Gas seem to dig holes and most of the time very little is going on.

      • Nobody working on site all weekend, typical. Shut the main road down in Thanet between Ramsgate and Margate in one direction but no effort to get any work done. KCC you need to get things moving quickly there with the gas company so traffic is not forced into all the other roads for months on end. I see other parts of the road and Westwood Road will be next so more havoc.

  6. “These boots are made for walking” – I suppose?

    Many will frown at car damage caused by potholes whilst simultaneously outraged by road repairs delaying their journey.

  7. How will ambulances get from the ambulance centre at Westwood to Margate? The only two routes are Nash Lane or towards St Peters
    The former was solid tonight at 5.30 pm

    • Emergency vehicle crews have a but of gumption. If Nash Lane is blocked, they’ll take a different route. Possibly via St Peter’s

  8. We live in Broadstairs and I guess the only way out of Thanet for next eight weeks will be via Ramsgate! Certainly won’t be going anywhere new Margate! Unless we go by train.

  9. I live in Nash Court gardens 🥺if you travel by bus from Ramsgate to Margate qeqm. It’s okay as it will go into the hospital turn around a go back. But no buses can pass trough Victoria traffic lights. One way system is in place BUT due to wind a lot of signs have blown over. It’s a nightmare 😩

  10. Does anybody know when the work is starting? The road has been closed for two days, and no sign of any holes being dug yet. Nice fencing, cones and even a nice 360 and dumper. Just missing any digging. Any way only another 7 weeks and 5 days to go. I read when they finish these works they plan to dig up by Poorhole Lane. That is nice to look forwards to.

    • It seems I have underestimated The Gas people. I have just gone past the roadworks. They have dug a hole, and there is now water running down the road. From a large water leak.

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