Jiggle for Joy at new Happy Hips belly dance classes

Vanessa (centre) is inviting people to jiggle for joy at her new belly dance classes

Thanet belly dancer Vanessa Culliford has devised a unique way to spread happiness and keep people warm this winter.

Vanessa, who is also an activities coordinator, community volunteer and social scientist, has taught belly dance across Kent for more than 10 years and belly danced her way around the world these past 23 years.

The 56-year-old from Cliffsend is determined to keep the art form going, saying belly dancing changed her life for the better and she wants to share the love.

Vanessa launched Happy Hips – with the tagline Jiggling for Joy – in Ramsgate this week and will start in Cliftonville on January 24.

While prices rise rapidly in every area of life during the cost of living crisis, Vanessa has taken the decision to reduce her class prices to £4 instead of £5.

She has an introductory offer of “bring a friend for free for the first class. Both venues are warm and welcoming. She said: “An hour of fun, simple belly dance moves to well-known music with an eastern twist can only raise your confidence, heart rate and happy hormones – serotonin, endomorphin and dopamine.”

Vanessa is a qualified exercise leader for seniors, however these classes are open to all. The Ramsgate Class is at the Small Boat Owners Club , 6pm until 7pm on Thursdays. The Cliftonville class will be at the TDS Social Club in Percy Road starting Tuesday 24th January- this will be a daytime class – time tba.

Check on the Happy Hips Facebook page for updates.

Vanessa said: “As a social scientist, I am very aware of how the cost of living crisis is affecting everyone. I’m not one to sit by and do nothing so I came up with this idea to use the skills I have to help and also to spread the joy of belly dance in these cold and gloomy times.

“There’s no need to show your belly, come along for an hour’s escape from it all and start jiggling for joy!”

Call Vanessa on 07976154116 for further details or go to the facebook page.

Find the Happy Hips facebook page here



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