Traffic queues on Margate seafront due to further gas pipe repair works

Traffic controls at Marine Terrace again Photo Jamie Horton

Works taking place to repair a gas main leak on Margate’s Marine Terrace are listed to be carried out until January 19.

Gas company SGN is digging up the road to carry out gas pipe repairs for at least the third time in six months.

Photo Jamie Horton

Temporary lights are in place to control traffic but this has been causing congestion this morning (January 12) with queues stretching from Margate Winter Gardens to the lights on the seafront and again up as far as Garlinge, where Westfield Avenue at the double roundabout is also undergoing works to fix a sinkhole.

Photo Jamie Horton

Repairs on the gas main on Marine Terrace have previously taken place in January and last July. The road also had traffic controls between March and May last year due to filming of the Empire of Light movie.

SGN will also be closing the A254 Ramsgate Road between January 16 and March 10 for gas main replacement works. Diversions will be put in place.


  1. You see comments on Facebook “Just imagine what it will be like in Thanet in the next decade with an additional 17,000 dwelling”….

    Then we have the people that think an airport is a good idea with tens thousands of travellers and thousands of workers, freight and fuel lorries in and out…

    That’s going to make it all soooo much better !!

  2. They moan when things aren’t maintained but they moan even more when they have to queue for a few minutes whilst the work is carried out!!

  3. I live by qeqm,and the roundabout,at college road vets,is a disaster at peak times,when a main road is closed anywhere in Margate ,be better, if idiot and selfish drivers did not block roundabout exits,they should be fined and made to retake driving test

  4. So they close the busy main Margate Road for a month and divert all that traffic along the St Peter’s Road and Westwood Road which is already at a gridlocked standstill at busy times. I can hear complaints already !!
    Westwood needs a bypass!

    • Good news for you ,not only is the road from qeqm to Victoria traffic lights having had replacement ,so is the road from st Peter’s to the main roundabout at Westwood cross, both lasting till mid March,double gridlock

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