Refurb for Cuts Incorporated in Broadstairs as it undergoes eco-friendly rebrand

Inside Cuts Incorporated, complete with throne, before the refurb

A Broadstairs hair salon which has traded in the town for 33 years is undergoing refurbishment as part of its bid to become more eco-friendly.

Cuts Incorporated, on The Broadway, is temporarily closed for works to be carried out and will reopen on January 19.

As part of the rebrand the salon is ‘burning’ its symbol throne and changing colour brand to the Kevin Murphy line which contain naturally beneficial ingredients, are cruelty free /paraben free and in sustainable packaging.

The salon is headed by founder Chris Coles who will oversee the fifth major change at the business.

Nicola Newcombe, who has worked front of house since 2005, said: “The burning of the chair is saying goodbye to Cuts as we know it. The throne has been an iconic piece in the salon for many years and so it is almost saying goodbye to our old identity and being reborn.

“Chris and the team are moving forward with the world to become a more sustainable salon with a smaller footprint.

“We will be upcycling a lot of our interior to reduce landfill waste and continue with our existing registered recycling programmes.

“Cuts will be changing colour brand to Kevin Murphy to go alongside our current product line.

“We will reopen our doors to welcome our clients on Thursday 19th January, when there will be nibbles and bubbles on offer to celebrate and a few extra treats along the way.”


  1. Can you get any more stupid – burning a fancy chair to signify the start of a new eco friendly era? Idiots. You couldn’t make it up!

  2. For all those who really think they set a chair alight in the doorway of a shop –
    Think about it & look closely at the photoshopped pic I’m sure it’s not real & just a publicity stunt to draw attention – it seems to have worked 🙂

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