Ramsgate mum and children publish story book The Very Odd Day

Mum Joyce, Leonardo and Indianna have published their first book

A children’s book following the tale of a farmer and his efforts to solve a mystery in the quiet town of Shadow-Ville has been published by a Ramsgate mum and her two children.

Joyce Alderman-Guibarra penned the tale after discussions with son  Leonardo and daughter Indianna and the youngsters created the illustrations.

Newington primary teaching assistant Joyce, who is married to property restoration worker Michael, says the idea came about two years ago due to Leonardo’s drawings.

The 38-year-old said: “My son is very into drawing and he is very good. Every now and then he will say he wants to be a comic designer or an architect. His drawings are really good so I said let’s put them to a story.

“This was a couple of years ago and we sat down and thought of a story. It was (Leonardo’s) idea, he had the rough idea of the story and named all the characters.”

With a full-time job, the book was created bit by bit, meaning Indianna, now five, was old enough to join in the illustrating with her nine-year-old brother.

It is the family’s first book and Joyce says she was inspired by her children and reading them bedtime stories but also by all the books she has read to little ones at Newington school and in previous childcare jobs.

The book, published on January 1, is called The Very Odd Day. Joyce said: “It is about a farmer having a very funny day and there is a bit of a mystery so the end of the story leaves people hanging.

“I am hoping people will like it and then we will do The Very Odd Night that will explain it all.”

Joyce said she, Leonardo and Indianna are thrilled with the book, adding: “We are so happy and excited seeing it in a book. It was on my computer and now it is an actual book. My daughter has read it a few times already!”

Joyce, who also runs Hula-cise classes at Ellington school hall, says she will be taking The Very Odd Day into Newington primary for pupils to enjoy.

Find The Very Odd Day on Amazon for £6.99 paperback here


  1. “Where *was* his sheep, his cow …”
    Where *were* his sheep, his cow, etc, surely?
    Teachers are spending hours and hours trying to help children come to grips with English SPAG; a term’s work could be undone in a moment.

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